The Fighters -Full Story

The Fighters -Full Story

This is the full thing for all the parts and all plus this was requested.

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Chapter 1.

The Talk

There were eight  friends who stay along side each other but one day two of them change" Hey Skylar " Mayla said running to her." Yeah what's up " Skylar said to Mayla "Well two of our friends turn evil " Mayla  said seeing a  anthro fox person with a white tee shirt with a orange hoodie with blue cargo pants "Hey Mayla,Skylar " Amaze said " Hey Amaze,Mayla, and Skylar  " Alexander said walking over us with Jax,Buddy,Maine.Mayla just walked away and hide somewhere" Why did Mayla do that " Amaze ask Skylar
" I don't know honesty " Skylar told Amaze.They wanted to know why Mayla ran away " Hey Mayla " Amaze said looking worried."Look I don't want to talk  about it " Mayla said moving away form Amaze and Skylar. "But why " Skylar moving towards Mayla. Mayla moved and accidently push Jax over.Jax didn't care she just got up and looked at Mayla. "...sorry" Mayla siad shyly "What ever Mayla " Jax said looking at Mayla " Anyways we need to get back to the discussion " Amaze said " Ok "
Mayla said. " How did they change " Skylar asked " I don't know how but they change " Mayla answered shyly " True "  Amaze agreed." Well we can never be sure " Alexander answered along with Buddy." So, if you don't mind me asking Mayla..." Maine started " Im not going to talk about it" Mayla said mad. " Ok thats understanding " Maine said looking down shocked " Well anyways hows everybody doing today " Amaze said.Mayla didn't say anything Mayla's day wasn't going good because she got bullied earlier."Oh...I get it " Skylar said "Why don't the bullies leave you alone " Amaze asked " They just think that just because. Ihave one weapon they think that I'm weak " Mayla said.
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I love it
on December 17, 2017