Mary's growing body

Mary's growing body

Mary was a normal woman till today we're she becomes a amazon. (There was another version but I deleted it.) P.S. sorry if this was disturbing.

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Chapter 1.
Growing body

Growing body

Mary was at home sitting in her chair. She was watching tv. Mary was getting pretty hungry. Mary had yellow eyes, she was 5 ft 8 inches tall. When she got up, she felt a pulse go through her body. Her breast started growing to a dd. She felt another pulse go through her chest, her chest was getting stronger.

Mary  put her hand on her gut, she noticed she had a 6-pack.  Soon she started getting taller and grew to 6,6. She then felt sleeves getting tight . Her arms started growing to 17 inches of biceps. The legs started getting muscular, soon she started growing to 8 ft 11 inches. Now her clothes were shorter with her shirt showing Mary's 6-pack, her  pants were now shorts.

She felt her hair growing. She found her hair turning pink. She felt one last pulse of her growing. Now only her bikini and underwear were left. She was now 10 ft 11 inches. She was  something perverts would stare at.

Mary looked like a amazon. Mary felt good with her muscle and how tall she was. She felt her muscles tightened, she was getting stronger. Mary loved her new tall, muscular, hot body.
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