My Breath Away 2

My Breath Away 2

This extraordinary story will take your breath away!!! A thirteen year old girl is trapped inside of her ice cold mind for years to come will she ever make it out of the icy cold pit?

published on April 02, 201391 reads 22 readers 4 completed
Chapter 1.

How My Tics Started

I died March 15th 1998.
The beeping sound was still there I could see my parents weeping, what was happening?
I could see myself sleeping, or was I?   I see myself at eight I see my mom making my favorite sandwich PB & J, in walks dad he rubs me on the top of my fuzzy head  "How's it going kiddo?" he asked I laughed and pulled his hand from my head "I'm doing good!" I said smiling so that the three empty spaces in my mouth were showing. Mom came over and picked me up, I played with her long red hair, I made a beard with it and tapped mom. We all laughed at my silly beard, Dad looks at his watch and makes a gloomy face "Well time for me to go back to work." he says kissing me and mom on the cheek. "Well how about pizza for dinner?" says mom "Oh, can we go to Pizza Land!" I asked looking at mom and dad "Sure Sweetie, How about 7:30 Thomas?" said mom she bounced me on her hip and made a silly face. I laughed "Well Sure Honey, meet you there!" said dad giving us another kiss on the cheek then left. Mom put me down and let me eat my sandwich she watched me eat, I let her wipe some Jelly from me cheek then kiss it. "What Pizza do you think you'll get?" asked mom my mouth was full so I tried to chew extra fast, I finally swallowed "I like cheese so I want cheese!" I said "Okay cheesy monster lets get ready to go to swim practice!" said mom grabbing my hand and helping me out of the chair. I was in the water, it felt warm when I got in "I can float on my back Mr. Dave!" I said tipping my body over into the water he held my back as I wiggled underwater I noticed my eye kept twitching inside my goggle. Later on while at Pizza Land I stuffed Cheese Pizza into my mouth "So how was swim practice Lorine?" asked Dad slipping a cheese stick into his mouth "Good but my eye kept twitching and I didn't want it to!" I told him as I picked a piece of pepperoni off moms pizza and ate it "Hey you wanna go get some game tickets to play on some of the rides?" asked mom I nodded "Yes yes!" I said mom grabbed my hand and we got tickets. I pressed the big red button and a lot of Pizza coins shot out I grabbed them "Mom look!" I said showing her "Wow that's a lot of coins!" said mom she looked at her watch "Oh well sweetie Pizza Land is about to close lets get your coins turned in and get you a prize!" said mom smiling I followed her to the prize table she picked me up so I could see all the toys. "I want that one!" I screamed mom grabbed it and gave the woman all the coins. After that we went home.
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Comments (4)

That's it? U can add to that. Possibly make a sequel
on August 09, 2014
lol no
on May 09, 2014
is this a true story? It's amazing
on March 18, 2014
Wow great story
on July 14, 2013