Faded Death

Faded Death

Faded Death is a book about a haunted house that three girls have a sleepover in the girls wake up to find Alice the youngest girl missing they try to leave the house quickly but they hear sounds like Alice trying to scream for help they turn around and find... Faded Death!!!

published on March 23, 201345 reads 21 readers 4 completed
Chapter 1.

Getting Inside the House...

Madison sent invitations to Alice and Noreen for the sleepover at 698 West Kim Ln. This Sunday at 12:00, nobody can stay in the haunted house for a full night! Not even Noreen's Dad and he was in the army! Madison put the letters in envelopes and laid down for bed tomorrow would be awesome! The next morning she gave Noreen and Alice the letters and went back home to pack. "Where you going so early its Saturday and why are you packing?" asked Madison's mom "I'm going to a sleepover and Alice's house is that okay?" lied Madison "Yeah I guess its okay." said her mom sipping her coffee and putting the newspaper in front of her face. Alice was packing but didn't let her mom know in the letter it had stated that if their parents asked why they were packing they said they were going to Alice's place but if Alice got caught she was toast! Noreen packed her suitcase carefully she was the perfect one of all of us and slipped it under her bed, She went to get on the computer to see if there were anyways to sneak out of the house midnight. When it was 10:00 lights out was all of the girls but not quite yet! Madison gave all the girls with the letters a walkie-talkies so they could page each other if they need too. "Madison to Alice do you read me Alice?" said Madison trying to be quite. "I read!" said Alice happily she was always happy what was to be so happy about all the time?! "Good, page Noreen then get out of the house quickly and hide in my backyard tell Noreen the same!" said Madison she was gonna sneak out the house for once in her life! Madison picked up the string connected to her pillow and tugged it opening the window without a single sound. Madison sat up and slipped out of bed she grabbed the suit case threw it out the window it made a crashing sound she paused to make sure her parents didn't get up. She held on the string closing the window and also hoisting her down to the ground she landed thumping the ground with her face. Noreen and Alice were standing there "What next?!" squealed Alice both Noreen and Madison said "SHHHH!" putting their finger to their lips. "Okay fine!" said Alice this time whispering. The girls started out of the backyard rolling their suitcases walking toward 698 West Kim Ln. When they came to halt they in front of the big yet scary house. "I think this is it..." said Noreen "Yeah I think so..." said Madison "I think we should go back to our houses and go to sleep and never do this again!!!" said Alice she smiled and began to walk away Noreen snatched her arm back "No we've gotten this far we can't turn back now!" she said her yellowish skin shining in the dark. Madison walked up the driveway and waved her friends to join her. The three girls walked up the driveway in a line Madison, Noreen, Alice all in a little train line creeped up the driveway and into the house.
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Comments (4)

Great ^.^
on March 07, 2014
Awesome! Nice story! I love it!
on July 21, 2013
Ikr great book!!!
on July 14, 2013
awsome! I think Alice was right, dont you?
on March 24, 2013