Wrong world, wrong fairytale

Wrong world, wrong fairytale

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all" the evil Queen would ask her enchanted Mirror every day and getting the same answer that she was the fairest one of all until it gave an answer that the Queen wanted to hear "Soon all princesses will be dead and they will be replaced

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Chapter 1.
For the first time in forever, I'm getting what I'm dreaming of

For the first time in forever, I'm getting what I'm dreaming of

"Mirror mirror on the wall, show me princess Anna"
"As you wish your majesty" the mirror replies before showing the evil Queen her wish, the mirror swirls and quickly produces an clear image of the red haired princess running around the castle for her sister Elsa,
"Mirror Mirror show me someone who looks exactly like our dear princess Anna" the evil queen say before being shown an woman with the exact same  red hair as Anna, no freckles on her cheeks and eyes as green as Emeralds
"She is perfect, what Is her name?"
"Her name is Crystalla your majesty"
"Well Crystalla, welcome to Arendell"
"Director Fury, you needed to see me" Crystal says before entering his office and closing the door behind her
"Take an seat, it won't take long" fury says, gesturing his hand towards the chair which she hesitantly sat on before looking at her boss in his one eye.
"Is there an problem sir?"
"Yes there is, what do you know about the mysterious disappearing that have been going on in New York recently?"
"I only know about the disappearances but not about how they occur" Crystal says calmly before taking the file that was placed on the table and looking at it carefully, an cautious idea of who it might be forming in her head.
"Are you sure it's not Laufeyson?"
"No he been on Asgard recently with Thor" crystal nods before standing up and excusing herself to go to the bathroom. Looking into the bathroom mirror, an certain line popped into her head.
"Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"  She says before giggling and pretending the mirror answered her back. The lights in the bathroom dim before coming back up again and there in the mirror was the evil Queen herself
"So your another one who dreams the fantasy Crap are you?"
"Who are you?"
"Oh me, I'm just an friendly person who gonna put you to sleep now" the evil Queen says before sending an mist of green out of her hands which leaks from the tap, knocking her unconscious onto the floor.
"Please don't be an heavy one now" the queen says before summoning some more green mist and making it pick up Crystal's unconscious body and sending her through the mirror and into  the evil Queen throne room.
"Pass me Princess Anna dress!" The queen orders as her huntsman grabs the dress and hands it to the queen with an smile on his face
"Thank you" she says before using her magic and placing an unconscious Crystal into the dress before placing her red hair into the two signature braids and sending her down to Arendell where she would replace the true princess who was trapped or even dead somewhere in the queen's Lair.
"Princess Anna, are you alright?" One of the butlers asks before helping Crystal up to her feet.
"Where am I?"
"Your in Arendell princess Anna, would you like me to get your sister?"
"No thank you but could you show me to my room please?" The butler simply nods confused before escorting Anna, or should we say Crystal to the replaced princess's room.
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Just so amazing! Do Merida from Brave!!!
Don't worry Merida is soon
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on Wednesday
on Wednesday
I need your help with my FairyTale (also also keep being sexy )
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