Explode Squared

Another blurb about Chase and Chelsea. I love them and their relationship, okay? Don't judge me, bicth.

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Explode Squared

It was warm and sunny outside and Chelsea Blake was at the beach. She was suntanning in a white string bikini, her scrawny, underweight body exposed to the world. Her strawberry-blonde hair was splayed out on her towel, her big, hazel eyes covered by pale pink heart-shaped sunglasses. Next to her, in a chair, sat her stepbrother Mason, who was two years older than she was, her being the ripe old age of 23. He was complaining about sand getting in his eyes, but, oddly enough, would not accept her offer to wear her sunglasses. The sand was warm and smooth, a rare thing for the Rhode Island beaches. Frequently, a child would find a syringe or an old IV bag laying across the beach. It was one of the simple pleasures of living near the northern states, states like New Jersey and New York. They like dumping hospital waste in the water. Chelsea shut her eyes, sighing, finally in a place of bliss. Momentarily. She felt someone's foot on her stomach. She'd heard Mason greet someone, but didn't react. She'd just assumed he'd seen someone he knew.

Chelsea opened her eyes, pulling off the sunglasses. Above her stood a boy with sandy, ashy brown hair and light brown eyes. He smiled at her, grabbing her arm and pulling her up. He kissed her forehead, pulling her into a bear hug. "Hey, princess." He buried his face in her hair.
"Hi, Chase." She breathed, sighing.
"Hi, I'm here, too." Mason rolled his eyes.
Chase pulled away from Chelsea, grinning. "Hey, Mason."
"Are you guys gonna leave now or what? You're blocking my view." Mason set down his book.
Chase released Chelsea, doing a 180 lookaround of the beach. "What were you looking at?"
"Hot Shirtless Guy." Mason sighed.
Chelsea rolled his eyes. "You've been staring at Hot Shirtless Guy ever since we moved here for college. Go talk to him."
"And ruin a perfectly good relationship?" Mason gasped.
"There is no- I see your point." Chase nodded sagely. "You're a smart guy, Master Bates."
Mason put his hands together, closed his eyes, and bowed much like a monk.
"You guys are stupid." Chelsea remarked, pulling on her swimsuit cover-up, a flimsy pink dress with cute fringe that she had gotten for sale at Barneys on a trip to New York earlier that month. Chase put an arm around her shoulder, looking at Mason.
"Mind if I steal her?"
Mason just shrugged. "You do it enough already; why bother asking?"
"Fair enough." Chase sighed.

Two hours later, Chase and Chelsea were sitting at a table at one of the most romantic restaurants in Rhode Island. It was around six o'clock, but the sun has already started to set over the ocean. The waiter had already taken their order, so there they were, waiting, drinking waters while looking out at the sky. And as the sun set, Chase got out of his chair, getting down on one knee.
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