The empty gravestone

The empty gravestone

He was a happy boy on his way to a chorus concert until a minivan led to his death. Now someone else is going to be singing for him

published on May 11, 201527 reads 8 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

The Car Accident

10 Year old Keygen Bates was on his way to his very first chorus concert. He was excited, ever since he started he felt like it was his passion. The thing is his mom was always busy. That's what got him killed. He was in the car warming his vocal chords. It was a rainy evening and the road was slick. His mom had a very stressful job and she was on the phone with her boss. Keygen could hear his mom talking, "yes, yes I know but my son is having his first chorus concert, please let me watch my son".

Keygen heard a muffled voice on the other line. His mom replied back begging, but in the middle of that Keygen could feel the car turning a little but his mom wasn't turning the steering wheel. Then suddenly, while his mom was too busy talking, he saw two big headlight from a truck. Before impact his mom swerved to the side but it was too late, the side of the car was hit hard and Keygen slammed his head on his door. and window glass was covered all over him. He went unconscious. His mom survived and saw if he was okay, he looked like he was running out of blood. He was covered in his own and his peach skin was turning pale. He went conscious again but when he did. He saw his mom but barely. He was having a lot of trouble breathing. He had one final gasp for air until he went unconscious again and drifted off into death.
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Comments (1)

So scary, sad, creepy, but really really interesting!! 5 stars!!
on July 10, 2015