My Shrek Academia

My Shrek Academia

When the green ogre man, Shrek, somehow enters Japan through a portal and “invades” U.A., the students are left speechless.

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Ogres are like onions

It was a relatively boring day at the prestigious highschool of U.A.; the teachers had all made the decision to stay up late watching movies the previous night and were all tired as frick.
Izuku let out a small huff as he looked at Sero and Denki who were giggling like teenage girls. He stood up and walked over to them. “Hey, Sero! Kaminari! What’re you two laughing at?” Asked the bushy-haired broccoli boy.
Sero turned around with a small snort and pointed to his phone. “Look!” The black haired boy proceeded to wheeze in laughter as he looked at the photo.
Izuku stared at the photo with a tiny smirk. It was a picture of the teacher’s movie night from the day before; Mr. Aizawa had fallen asleep on Present Mic’s lap.
Iida ran over, waving his arms, “Midoriya! Even if there is no lesson, you should still be in your seat!” He yelled, adjusting his glasses.
Bakugo glanced at the blue haired boy angrily. “Fùcking hypocrite; if you want the failure to sit in his goddamn seat, maybe you should do it yourself!” He snapped while pushing his fingers through his spiky, ash-blonde hair.
Iida turned to look at Bakugo. “Mind your language!” He yelled and then walked back over to his seat.
As Izuku turned to walk back to his own seat, a portal opened up at the front of the classroom.
Mineta drooled, “maybe it’ll be a hot girl, or two~!” He said with a child molester-like smile. The only response he got was Kyoka stabbing her earphone jack into his ear. “Keep dreaming,” murmured the purple-haired girl as she looked away.
A green arm came through the portal, then a green face. The figure fell to his knees and the portal closed up behind him.
“The hell am I?” Grumbled the massive green.. thing in his Scottish accent.
Mr. Aizawa turned to look at the figure. “U.A. highschool.. who are you?” He deadpanned.
The green guy stood up. “I’m Shrek. I was just trying to eat eyeball soup with my wife and children and now I’m here,” he said huskily.
Mr. Aizawa narrowed his eyes. “The writer is too lazy to continue this right now, but once they write more shi- stuff, I’m going to have to ask you some questions.”
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The crossover we N E E D E D
on March 15
Lol. I like the story so far, I can't wait for more of the story.
on March 15
waiting for next chapter
on March 15
I’m sorry
on March 15