A Corbijn Christmas

A Corbijn Christmas

Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho-- [thud] Ouch. In this story, Corbijn is trying to help a dog find a present for his mum. Why? Well, the dog isn't good at presents...

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The story.

        The people are singing carols, the Jewish families are preparing for their 8 days of rejoice, and the dog is in a mall all by itsel-- OH MY GOD THERE'S A STRAY DOG--

        Ahem. Sorry about that. That narrator was new to the job.
        It was 2 days before Christmas, and throughout the mall, the people were searching for last minute gifts. Corbijn was one of them, for this year, he had to get his cousin something. He stopped by the Gamestop and got a giftcard for his cousin, and upon exiting found a talking dog blessed with human speech.
        "Greetings, human!" said this speaking retriever, "I am desperate for help! I need a gift for my mother to repay the years of sucking her milk away! Could you help me?"
        Corbijn recoiled at first, not expecting the dog to speak, but then pet the dog and said "I'll see if I have time to do so." Checking his phone, he learned he had thirty-two minutes to spare. Thus, he looked at the dog and said "Sure, why not." The two then started to wander through the mall looking for a place to get gifts.
"What does your mum like?" asked Corbijn. The dog replied with "She really likes the color yellow. And digging." Corbijn shortly thought of a toy shovel, but dismissed the thought, knowing that dogs aren't capable of holding a shovel. Well, maybe in their mouths, but still. "Anything else?" he questioned further, "Does she like chewy things?" The dog shook his tail and said "I like chewy things!"
        The dog snapped out of his joy and focused back on his task. "I think she likes biting on hard things. Like a bone. Bones. Dem bones. Bone zone." Corbijn chuckled and said "I think we might find a nice yellow kong at the pet store."
        At Great Pets, the two looked around, but there was no kong to speak of. At Elvis's Pet Emporium, there was a kong, but to the dog, it looked gray. Finally, at Jennifer's, they found what they needed. The yellow kong.
Whilst leaving the store, a mall cop approach Corbijn. "Excuse me sir, is that your dog?" Corbijn was at first confused, but then realized the mall cop was referring to the Dog he was helping. Corbijn came up with a plan. "Yes. I'm just training him to follow me without a leash." The mall cop responded with "You need a leash on him, sir. I suggest you get one from the pet store behind you." "Yes sir," spoke Corbijn, "I'll do just that. Sorry for the trouble."
        "What are you doing?" whispered the dog. Corbijn simply told the dog that he needed to use the leash just to get the dog out of the mall. "I'll let you go once we're out, okay?" As the leash was equipped onto the dog, the two were ready to exit.
        Once outside, Corbijn unhooked the leash, and gave the gift to the dog. The two said their farewells, but the dog stopped five feet ahead to ask one last question.
        "Human, what is your name? I want to remember it for your kind deeds."
        "My name is Corbijn. And yours?"
        The dog smiled and said, "They call me Saint Nick." With that, the dog turned into a jolly old man, dressed in red and white, with his snow-colored beard contrasting his dark skin. Corbijn's eyes widened.
        "Congratulations," Saint Nick said, "Your kind actions got you from the Pending List over to the Nice list. Merry Christmas, Corbijn."
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