Never (A Gackpoid x Kaito fanfiction)

Never (A Gackpoid x Kaito fanfiction)

This is my fanfic about my favorite OTP, Gackpoid X Kaito. I will update it until I'm done

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Chapter 1.

The Beginning

The young man soon arrived on campus, brushing his lengthy hair onto his shoulder.
"College. Nice." he muttered, spite tinting his words.
"Now, there will be straight people, gay people, and...whatever other sexualities. Stay with the straight girls and guys. Got it? Find you a nice young girl." The voice from the car gave obvious advice.
"Yeah, I know, I know." The purple-haired boy browsed the new area.
"Okay...Gakupoid, be safe. Also, I put some money in your account and don't forget to call! By the way-"
"Yeah, okay, bye." Gakupoid swung open the door with a long groan and stepped out of the car, grasping for his car keys. With that, jingling the keys in his hand, he walked on. He curled up his lip, for no one was there on the lawn for that first day. Gakupoid heaved his backpack, containing his belongings, up the entrance gate. Pushing it open, he could not get it to budge. Continuing to push it, he growled. A girl with bold cyan hair walked past him.
"You pull it. See? Just like that?" she said as she demonstrated. Flustered, Gakupoid fiddled with his hair.
"Oh thanks...I--" The bell blurted out, gaining the students' attention. Not exactly saved by the bell, she's kinda cute, Gakupoid thought.
"Uhh, aren't you coming? You're just standing there." The girl flounced along the cement path, seemingly lighting up the mood with each step. God, she's really cute, Gakupoid pondered as red brushed his face. Following the girl, he entered the building. After receiving his schedule, he stared at the girl he met earlier. Clumsily, he approached her.
"Uhh, hi, I'm, uhh, Gakupoid..." he stuttered.
"I'm Hatsune Miku. Just call me Miku!"
"Then you can call me Gakupo." he managed an awkward grin, which seemed to bring up his spirits.
"Okay! Say, what class do you have first? I have trigonometry." Glancing at his schedule for a split second, he locked eyes with Miku.
"Music. This is the school of arts, so I want to be the best singer I can be." he proudly exclaimed.
"Really? Me too! Most of the students here want to be singers, so there's a slim chance, but," touching his chest and stomach, pressing close to him as well, "by the way your diaphragm and chest are built, you'll pass as one of the talented ones." she added with a wink. Backing up instinctively, Gakupo winced as Miku casted a shy look up at him.
"Sorry. I get a bit touchy sometimes...when I'm...ahem..."
"When you're what?" There was a pause.
"When I'm" Gackupo looked dumbfounded.
"But we just met!" Miku flinched.
"I know, but..." They both fell silent.
"We can get to know each other!" They screamed in unison. Heads turned and the both were flustered.
"That'd be nice. Anyway, I need to be going to class. See you at lunch, maybe!" Miku called as she skipped away, obviously happy.
"In love, huh? What a strange thing. L-O-V-E. What is it? Why is it existing in human hearts? Why do we crave it so much? L-O-V-E." Gakupo jumped, startled by the firm yet soothing voice that makes one feel at ease.
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