The challenge Revived #34

The challenge Revived #34

Woo woo woo woo... I am a tomato covered in elbow macaroni. Trust me, I suck

published on September 14, 201827 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Elimation time

Rouge: Hewkii's right, Pred is late.
Fi Fi: Last time he was late, he came swinging in on a vine.
Wynq: So this is just set up.
Rouge: yes.
Pred: Im here... im here....
Pred: I didn't get any sleep. But I'm ready to host.
Justin: You sure, you probably shouldn't be here then.
Pred: Its fine. I got the votes wrote down on this piece of paper.
Wynq: I'm no doctor, but I believe that paper is upside down.
Pred: With 8 votes, rouge is eliminated. Justin is safe with 1 vote....
Fi Fi[0]: This is too good.
Rouge: Guess I'm eliminated then. Well bye. *walks away*
Pred: Its down to Wynq and Hewkii. Wynq is safe with 0 votes. And Hewkii is... also safe? Wait. SH#T, I just did that.
Wynq: Haha.
Pred: Ugh.. where is Rouge, I need to kill her.
Justin: She left.
Pred: Ugh..ill kill her later.
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Yay! My idea!!!
on September 14, 2018