Kathrin and Mark are BTF, Best Twins Forever. Years had gone by before Mark bit the dust. Kathrin being the only twin left felt lonely, uncared for, restless, and meaning less. Joining the Awakens was like a wake up call. She had no time to feel bad about her 'long-gone' twin brother, she had to take care of herself and live. But what if her 'dead' brother shows up again?

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Chapter 1.

(Chapter 1) I thought you were dead!

The sound of crunching leaves echoed through out the woods. I didn't want to stop running. You may ask 'Why are you running?'. Well my answer is I didn't heave Mistress Blood Moon's warning. I fell to the ground, my legs had given up on me. They felt like they were going to break. I panted for breath, holding my shirt close to my wound. It was in no time that he was on me. I struggled and squirmed. Rolled around and threw punches. I even started kicking. I was dispirit. He gripped my hair and pulled it to the side. "You shouldn't have come into Slender Woods little girl" his raspy voice whispered in my ear. He brought his knife up. The moonlight reflected off it's shiny surface. He was about to bring the knife down when he was tackled to the ground. I looked over at the small fight to my side. My savior was non-other than Mark? I groaned in pain. It had finally caught up to me, the pain from the wound on my side. I had ripped it open more from all the running, causing more blood to pour from it. My vison started to blur and black spots came into view. The last thing I saw was Mark loaming over my body, tears running down his face, yelling at me to stay with him, just before everything went black.

~Time skip~

I woke up, in a room. It was all white with some dirt and a few blood stains. I looked around, my eyes landed on the male sitting in the chair next to me bed. "M-Mark?" I stuttered, my voice very soft. He looked up and smiled. "Kathrin!" he exclaimed, throwing his arms around me. You'd think I'd be happy he's here but no I was pretty pissed. I used the little strength I had and pushed him off me. "You fu*cking jackass!" I yelled. "Jackass?! I saved your danm life!" he yelled back already irritated. "I thought you were dead!" I yelled hot tears spilling onto my cheeks. "For 5 years Mark! I thought you had left me! I'm 19 now, Mark! I was so lonely and depressed!" I added. He blinked. "K-Kathrin, I-" he started. "I don't want to f*cking hear it! I don't care! Get out of my f*cking sight!" I yelled, my blood was boiling and there was rapid beeping on the heart monitor. His eyes soften and got the look that he was about to cry. "Fine." he said and stomped out of the room. I groaned and took a deep breath. 'Great Job Kathrin. Your most likely only chance to hug and talk to your twin and you had to f*ck it up. Great Job'

Ehehe yeah I decided to write about the twins....Do you like it so far? Comment what you think. Also comment some improvement I could make. I'll always accept constructive criticism. ~Hooded.
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