Fighting For Animals

Fighting For Animals

Allen a girl wants to make money by walking dogs and pet sitting she loves pets but when a pound man comes and takes all of the dogs she is walking one day she rampages to help the poor animals and shut down all pounds and animal shelters!

published on March 31, 201332 reads 11 readers 5 completed
Chapter 1.

In the Business

I walked in the house soaking wet I didn't know it was gonna rain today. My mom hurried to get me to the bathroom to get me in a hot shower and in warm pajamas. I was smiling now that I was dry and warm now here comes the hard part asking them about this pet care thing I wanted to do. While mom cooked dinner I worked out my strategy I would ask my dad if he agreed I could persuade my mom because the family mostly goes upon what dad says. After mom finished the food and went to wash her hands I hopped up and followed her into the bathroom "So mom, one of my friends wants to start a Pet Care Business and she wants to know if she should do it what do you think?" I said I wanted to start with a just a friend then a best friend then me "Well sweetie it depends, Is this friend responsible?" she asked "Well she kinda is!" I said I just wanted to hurry before dad got home from work and started throwing his yes and no's in our conversation. "What friend are you talking about Allen?" asked mom turning off the water and ruffling her hands though the towel to dry them turning around to look at me "Well um you never met her because um shes pretty new and um shes.." I tried to finish but my mom knows when I try and lye I always say um to many times! "Allen are you talking about Michelle, Ada, Carissa or Larinda?" asked mom she knew that I only socialized with people I know now that I am in the 5th grade. Mom brushed past me to run into the kitchen "Oh No the rice!" yelled mom she looked angry but at the same time sad she pulled the burned rice off the stove and strained it but it was to late she had already burned it. I was late to come to see the whole problem but when I walked though the door I nearly fainted the smell was probably the worst smell I ever smelled in my whole entire life. Mom aired out the kitchen by opening the back door and turning on the stove fan and cracking the window a bit. I need to talk to mom because it was 6:30 and dad would be home any minute now! "So mom about that Pet Caring Business I was talking about I was talking about Ada yeah Ada she wants to start one and she doesn't know what to do what do you think?" I asked my mom wasn't paying attention so I stomped my foot my mom stopped rushing around and looked at me "Well tell Ada to talk to her mom about things like that okay Allen?" said mom she wasn't gonna stop running around until it smelled the way it had before, cookies. Dad walked into the kitchen and kissed mom on the lips YUCK! I bounced along with dad he picked me up and walked me to their room then put me down on the bed and took off his socks and shoes "So kiddo what happen today?" he asked looking up from his feet finally "It was okay I guess." I said it had been a long day and I was itching to tell one of my parents what was going on. At dinner I sat there ate and looked up at my parents I had to spill the beans, "Okay Mom, Dad I need to tell you guys something its actually me who wants to start the Pet Caring Business I want to make money but not by cleaning the toilet I wanna make it on my own so I figured out I love pets and if I gotta work I wanna work with something I love and my love of pets is all I could think of so you guys agree?" I said looking at both of them I think I threw it at them to early and they were just trying to take it all in "Well Allen I say yes but..." I cut my mom off "Thank you guys Love you I'll call Mrs. Fol!" I kissed both of my parents and ran away to get my cell phone.
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... No offence but this sucks
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Wow vg vg vg!!!
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(Very good!)
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