Yuki cross/kuran's story

Yuki cross/kuran's story

This is based on vampire knight throughout the time when yuki is getting her memories. please enjoy.

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True Self

True Self

Yuki's first memory was when she was 5. She had no parents and was lost. A vampire came up to her asking to drink her blood then it attacked her. She was sure she was going to die but all the same she couldn't help but scream. She was alone. That was when her savour kaname kuran came. He defeated the vampire and even covered in blood extended his hand to Yuki. Kaname took yuki to a friend of his kaien cross. He took her in fulfilling her mothers wishes of raising her as a human. All through that time Kaname watched over her instead of their parents. A few years later she gained a brother Kiryu Zero. He was attacked by a vampire to. She came to care for him more and more over time until he always wished to protect her. For 10 years she fell in love with her savour Kaname and her brother Zero. That was when danger was about she became Kaname's lover, so that she would not get hurt. Finally she wanted to know who she truly was and she knew Kaname had some connection to her past. As she kept searching it made her go crazy. She caught glimpses of her past and it scared her. It was all covered in blood.

Finally when Kaname could no longer stand seeing her in such pain. He awakened her as her true self. A pureblood vampire. She was the one who was letting zero drink her blood think it was helping him but it was only killing him instead. She was the person who Zero never wanted to see turned into a vampire but it was her nature. They made a deal Yuki would live until Zero came to kill her.

Wanting to live. Then only Waiting for death.
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