Naruto's lonely childhood

Naruto's lonely childhood

a story that sums up naruto's childhood until he became a ninja. Only a short story at most there will be 1 paragraph hope you like it

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A young boy called naruto sat alone. Eyes staring at him. Eyes that were always full of hate and detest. Eyes that said "why don't you go and die? no one needs you. your a monster." Screaming when he was alone. Acting brave. Acting as if nothing could affect him. He was hated by all but never knew why. No friends. No family. No one to help him through the tough times. Stuck all alone. Forced to care for himself. His parents dead but he never knew how they died or who they were. An orphan. He was alone in his room most of the time when life was just to much for him. No one would acknowledge him as human. Why does everyone hate me? I've done nothing wrong have I? he never gave up. He still whished to be a ninja for people to accept him. Whishing for a friend to stay by his side. Wandering why did the kids avoid him? what had he ever done to them? why did they beat him up so? what made everyone act this way in front of him? He got called a beast, freak, thing and a monster who shouldn't exist, even though he was only a boy.

Worse hardships were in his future. yet he never knew that the secret he yearned to hear the most was forbidden to be spoken of. Yet one close to him would tell. He would trick him and hurt the person who became his first friend. One whom he trusted. One whom betrayed him. One who taught him and told him to be easier on his friend. That kindness gone in search of power.

Little did they know that they would all face each other again.
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