How sasuke's hatred grew and itachi's fate was sealed

How sasuke's hatred grew and itachi's fate was sealed

this is a short story of how sasuke and itachi from naruto became who they were and how their fates were set up by others.

published on March 16, 201316 reads 9 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.
The distance

The distance

Each and every day sasuke would ask his older brother itachi to help him train but all he said was no, go away, leave me alone, ask dad and I'm busy. he would push him away. Days went by and itachi who was considered a uchiha clan prodigy grew more and more distant from everyone. He would ignore his dad and his brother.

He was charged with murder and things he did to protect sasuke and the village. Finally the orders came.

Sasuke who was left to train all on his own with no help, felt alone, felt isolated. His dad never spoke to him and his brother pushed him away so over time he became distant unable to escape his brothers shadow. Left alone until the end.
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