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Chapter 1.

I went to war (Part 1)

There I was me and my team of 12 people.
they ahd went on various vehicles Cars, choppers, ATV.
Me? I decided to go on my own to provide cover fire from a rooftop with my sniper.
Our mission was to secure the battlefield, and to do that we needed to control 5 different outposts.

Anyways I was on a rooftop guarding Outpost A
3 Guys were down there securing the damn thing when a tank came charging in
along with a small infentry of 3 men behind it, how many men were in the tank? i don't know.
I decided to stay low take them by surprise,
I put my sniper on my back and pulled out my side arm.

I jumped ran down the building as fast as I could hoping the enemy tank or his buddies wouldn't spot me
and luck would have it they didn't.

A man came walking thru the front door of the building, I hid beside the door as he passed and stabbed him in the back once he was outta sight. I moved from cover to cover towards the little patches of grass in this sandy plain that were tall enough to hide my presence.
I snuck behind the tank I placed the C-4 and Ran the hell out of there without being seen.

I went to hid in the hills pulled my sniper out and pressed the detonator destroying it.
I used my sniper to clear out his friends before they knew what hit them.

Then I stayed inside a near by crate until my teammates shown up to secure the area, luckily this time they also had a tank.

What I did next? that will have to wait for another time XD
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