Asking Sebastian and delcia

Asking Sebastian and delcia

Alright so here's the answers to your questions ^-^ oh and and the dares as well

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Chapter 1.


Alright hey guys delcia and Sebastian aren't here at the moment so I wanna make sure that you guys don't do anything too inappropriate plz... It may make others uncomfortable and maybe make delcia uncomfortable so plz just don't go inappropriate.
But umm anyways delcia and Sebastian are here now so plz enjoy asking them questions and daring them to do things ^-^ and don't do anything stupid ._. Especially around delcia she does have a demon sword so just watch out for that thing....
I ready have a scar from it since I tried to do something stupid but I'd rather not talk about that.... Anyways if you want to dare them to do something together make sure it's not too inappropriate or anything like that.
But anyways since they're both here I guess I should get going and let you guys ask some questions and shout out those dares but first let's let them sat hi! ^-^
Delcia: hello guys! Hehe I'm glad to be doing this with you but like rocky said don't do anything stupid and that's all I have to say
Sebastian: hello... It's a pleasure to be doing this I'm glad that delcia and rocky convinced me to do this.... But anyways I do hope you enjoy asking or daring us.
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I guess demon cake.
on July 04, 2016