Him (1)

Him (1)

an anonymous boy who fell in love at first sight with a boy who doesn't know his name. what he doesn't know is that maybe someone will read it years later. It's a short story that is rushed. I had a better idea in my head but I'm never good at describing how I feel about this. Hope you enjoy.

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April 13th, 2005

"My life has been a trap since I saw him. His blue eyes like visionizing the deep blue ocean and black hair as dark as the midnight sky. His clothes that are different then other guys. He's not that person who has a football jerseys banging or being disrespectful towards people because they're popular. Not being a douchbag towards adults because they "know it all." Not bullying people for no reason because they just want to fit in. You don't know much about them. They're probably angry about something but he's different.

Of course the poor boy is bullied because he's different. Due to bullying, he's really awkward and stutters when he talks. I really want to talk to him, I just don't know if he's gay. Yeah, he's different but we never know about his sexuality. It will take hours for me to describe how much I like him, it's maybe love at first sight? I'm not like the douchebag football players. I just need to figure out how to impress the boy."

The boy closed the journal. He smiled while his lover was peacefully asleep on their bed. He got out of bed trying to not wake him up. "I didn't realise he cared about me even if I was a stranger to him, that's crazy." Even though that was the last page his boyfriend has wrote on his journal, he decided to add something that he can have him read in the future.

"I'm so not sorry for reading your journal, only the last page which was about me. That was short but sweet. Thank you for being there when nobody else can. You're the only person who hasn't left me. I'm proud of you for approaching me, that gave me hope. Thanks for not being those douchebags.

Stay yourself, alright? I love you.


He closed the journal, put it where it was, and sat down on their bed. He loved his boy so much. He created a whole new world and gave him motivation. He was in his darkest times, the boy gave him light. He eventually layed down and tried his best to go to sleep. He slept peacefully next to his lover. I'm glad I'm "him."
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Comments (2)

Took place 2 days after I was born
on October 16, 2017
Great story!
on October 15, 2017