Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

Could you imagine being trapped in a Fairytale you didn't belong in. Being murdered if you didn't fit in well enough. You don't wanna be trapped here, she'll get you whether you want to or not, it's your life on the line not hers. Will they survive. Find out

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Chapter 1

Chelsea a beautiful brunette girl, slowly made her way down the hallway to her last
class, history. “Morgan?” she said to her friend who walked right next to her, no one seemed to
notice her that day. As she walked home she heard whispers that echoed in the distance.
“Come closer.” they would say, she made her way to the tiny pond where she saw a
beautiful reflection. A girl with hair as blonde as it could be was in front of her singing a beautiful
“A dream is a wish your heart makes, whatever you wish for you keep.” the song
continued until Chelsea was unconscious on the ground.
“Oh child, whatever shall I do with you.” the reflection merged into a body figure and
dragged Chelsea into the pond bringing her to another realm. It walked over to the real
Cinderella and used magic to switch their clothes. It then grabbed Chelsea’s beautiful brown
hair and turned it blonde. “Welcome to the realm of FairyTales my precious Cinderella.” she
dumped her body in Cinderella’s bed leaving her to wake in a strange setting.
“CINDERELLA!!” two young vile women screamed. They were both beautiful of face, but
their heart was stone cold.
“I told you to make me a dress for the ball and what do you do make one that doesn’t fit!”
the tallest one threw the dress at Chelsea leaving a look of confusion and disbelief.
“And I told you I wanted this dress in blue not green ulgh green is the most vomitous
color one could ever see!”
“Must be why it looks so great on Ella!” the two girls stepped away leaving Chelsea
confused. What was happening? She asked herself, and who had done it?
Trinity had long beautiful red hair, ginger. She was also filled with bright beauty, but
there she also was depressed, no one liked her. Trinity was busy walking home when she
passed a broken mirror that showed a girl, she had long beautiful golden locks; with her stood a
woman with pitch black hair. The young girl was singing a beautiful melody that made her hair
glow. “Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine, make the clock reverse bring back was
once was mine; heal what has been hurt, change the fate's design, save what has been lost;
bring back what once was mine, what once was mine.” Trinity lay on the ground, nobody passed
her or saw her. A figure came out of the glass and took Trinity through the mirror, dragging her
body next to Rapunzel’s the figure magically switched the girl’s clothes, and turned Trinity’s hair
a beautiful golden blonde.
“Such a pretty girl you are.” it stroked her soft cheeks, hints of red showed in her cheeks
and a smile spread upon the shadow’s face. Picking up Trinity she set her down on the bed, she
was sound asleep; awaken later to the sound of Mother Gothel’s voice.
“Rapunzel? Sweetheart you awake?” Trinity slowly opened her eyes and looking around
at her surroundings, before staring back into her worried mother’s eyes. Mother Gothel helped
her up and brushed her off. “Rapunzel deary you look like you’ve fallen out of the tower here let
me clean you up.” she grabbed a wet rag from the pail beside her bed and patted Trinity’s face
before smiling. “I need to leave for a bit my child take care.” she left the tower humming a tune, Trinity looked dazed full of confusion she asked herself what happened? Including the thought
where am I?
India was an African american women, now she was a beautiful girl had pitch black hair.
Her skin was gorgeous. She would always speak with her friends, her parents owned a small
restaurant Grape Vine Home Delights. She would often go there to help cook or entertain the
guests. Gracie was just like her except different, Gracie had a temper “I CAN’T DO THIS
crown on the ground just as the shadow figure grabbed her throat and began to choke her.
“But there’s so much more to be done beautiful.”
“Bite me.” Gracie said with complete distaste. The shadow figure sighed and ended
Gracie’s life, her mother was Delphine Fury, she was taken on October 2nd, and not even a
week later her lifeless body was found on the streets of New York. Police surrounded the body
like it was a new thing, but it wasn’t. India was the next victim, she walked down the sidewalk
where all the cops were surrounding; looking over her shoulder she noticed a small glass object,
it was a glass ball. Inside showed a girl singing, dancing, and cooking. Along with that it showed
a frog prince hopping around. “What is this some-” she fell quickly to the ground shattering the
glass ball causing black smoke and a shadow figure to form.
“Perfect.” disappearing the shadow figure grabbed India and locked her away soon to be
dealt with later. “After I get Tiana I will get you ready don’t you worry my child.” India’s body lay
there cold on the floor nothing happening until Tiana came screaming across the floor.
“Please don’t hurt me, I don’t know what I did but please I have a mother I need to return
home to I’ve already been gone for too long.”
“Oh hush up your mother will have someone to be with her, it just won’t be you.” with a
flick of the shadow’s wrist Tiana fell unconscious to the ground and India was now wearing a
diners dress, and had her hair up. “I hope you make some mean delicious delights because that
would be wonderful.”
“Crystal hand me that staff.” Cassie said motioning to the staff that was only a few feet
away from Crystal.
“I don’t understand why you need to make Tony a realistic Jack Frost costume I mean
you’re already shipped together why make it worse.”
“Dearest Crystal you know I don’t do well with my English, I can barely understand what
it is that you’ve been saying.”
“Why are you making a Jack Frost staff?” Crystal asked handing the staff to Cassie.
Cassie took it and covered the staff with ice before hearing a strange noise. “Cassie do you
hear that?” Crystal asked slightly scared.
“Yeah but where is it coming from?”
“I don’t know but.” at that same time 2 girls showed up one with white hair like Cassie,
and another with auburn hair with a small white streak.
One was singing while the other was scared to even speak “For the first time in forever
at least I got a chance.” both Cassie and Crystal were sucked into another realm, unconscious
changed into different outfits, the shadow figure walked around them examining the bodies.

“Red hair with a white streak close enough,” it looked at Cassie and smiled widely “you
are beautiful and pure just like Elsa.” touching her soft hair the shadow figure shrieked, a hand
began to form from the shadow. “No!” it ran down off sending off another person to place the
young women in their place.
“J-” it turned to face the mirror who was speaking
“SILENCE!!” the shadow figure formed into a woman, she had long brown hair, beautiful
gray eyes, and a beautiful yet vile smile.
“Jennifer don’t you think kidnapping young girls and taking them from their home is a bit
“Mirror mirror on the wall, who the most feared one of all?”
“Harmix your majesty.”
Jennifer turned angered “WHAT!? I should be the most feared I kill people! I hunt people down! I
kidnap people!”
“Yes but Harmix also kills people, she tortures them for sport and she’s very vicious.
Long ago she was given the chance to be released from prison by Syrianna, she took the
sentence but later ended up killing her mentor.”
“I don’t care anymore, I wanna be the most feared send her my way won’t you oh and
make sure she gets shocked everytime she tries to kill I can’t have a princess going around
killing people it just wouldn’t be safe.”
“But Jenni-”
“SHUT UP!!!!” Jennifer threw ice at the mirror causing a tiny bit of the corner to break off.
“Oh I’m sorry did I just do that?” she left the room with rage. “We’ll continue the search tomorrow
freeze the FairyTale’s until I have every last girl I need.”
“That could end-”
“DID I ASK YOU!!!!!” the mirror did as told and froze every Fairytale leaving the poor girls
frozen in a tale they didn’t even belong in.
“Welcome to your worst nightmare.”
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