Disney Jessie: The Neighbours (FANFICTION)

Disney Jessie: The Neighbours (FANFICTION)

This is a story I came up after about a month or two of planning and RPing. If you see * at the beginning of a paragraph, that means its a new scene that hasn't been RPed. I added it for story development.

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Chapter 1.
Act 1: In the Lobby

Act 1: In the Lobby

"That was awesome!" Luke Ross and Ravi Ross cheered strolling into the lobby of their penthouse building. They noticed two teenage girls and their (presumed) mother talking with Tony at the desk.
"New girl alert!" Luke whispered, jumping and hiding behind a chair. Ravi hid behind one as well.
"That one looks like Selena Gomez!" Ravi said, pointing to one of the girls that had glasses and looked a bit bored.
"I've never seen them before..." Luke muttered.
The second girl, with braces and her hair in a messy braid, glanced behind her and saw the two of them peering out from behind their chairs. They both gasped and hid.
Jessie came out of the elevator and noticed them hiding there. She walked over. They tried to motion to her to go away but she ignored it and continued walking toward them. The girl had now fully turned around and was watching them.
"What are you two doing?" Jessie asked.
"Jessie! You're giving us away!" Luke whined.
"We're spying on the new girls." Ravi replied.
"Seriously? Just talk to them." Jessie said, pulling them up from their hiding spot. The girl laughed and nudged the girl with glasses. They whispered to each other and then walked over.
"Hey." Jessie said. Luke and Ravi waved. The girls smiled.
"Hey!" the other girl said. " I'm Evelyn. Me and my family just moved here from southern Canada."
"Nice to meet you." Ravi said, shaking her hand. "I'm Ravi Ross."
"And I'm Luke Ross." Luke added.
"Hi!" Evelyn said.
The girl with glasses pushed the other Evelyn aside and said, "I'm Grace. I'm her sister. We're your downstairs neighbours three floors down from you."
"Hi, Grace." Jessie said. They heard someone honk the horn outside. "Oh, I have to go. Hope you like it here."
"Oh we will." Grace said, and her and her sister turned and went into the elevator.

*"Well, they seem nice." Ravi said to Luke, in the limo.
"Yeah. I guess so." he replied.
"I still can't believe you two were spying on them." Jessie said, with a shake of her head.

*Grace smiled. "I wonder if we'll be running into those guys often since we live in the same building..." Evelyn shrugged.
They walked over to their mother (who just finished chatting with Tony). "Can we head over to the park and check it out?" they asked.
"Ok."  their mom said, and they headed off to the park.
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awesome, I love the Jessie tv show!
it's one of my favorite shows thank you
on January 30
on January 29
awesome, I love it love it love it
THANK YOU!!! you're always my #1 fan
on January 28
on January 28