A Witch's Guide to Crystals

A Witch's Guide to Crystals

You don't have to be a witch to use crystals. I genuinely believe that they can help everyone. In this story, I'll be detailing my favourite crystals chapter by chapter, what their properties are, how they can be used, how they're formed in nature, etc. If you have any crystals I'd like to cover, leave me a comment.

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Chapter 1.
Clear Quartz and Aura Quartz

Clear Quartz and Aura Quartz

Clear quartz is one of my favourite, if not my absolute favourite, crystal/s. It's the second most abundant mineral in the entire world, which to me, is crazy to think about. Its composition is very simple; silicon and oxygen. That's it.
Clear quartz helps us connect to our own souls and the universe around us. It allows us to better understand ourselves and become more self-aware. It's associated mostly with the crown chakra.
Clear quartz promotes focus and mental and physical balance. It's an excellent grounding crystal and all around general healing crystal.

Now, I'm a SLUT for aura quartz. Aura quartz is complimentary to whatever the primary crystal underneath the aura is. For example, angel aura quartz is just clear quartz with the aura characteristic.
Aura quartz allows us to connect better with the divine in addition to whatever the base crystal is.
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