The Twisted Tale of Alice in Wonderland

The Twisted Tale of Alice in Wonderland

So um yah... Very morbid! It's not Alice! And it's basically wonderland gone evil!

published on December 18, 201528 reads 6 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chap. 1 I could die...

         "Uh!" Alicia screamed as she slammed her room door." Life sucks!" She screamed again and threw herself onto her bed and started crying. Nobody likes me... She thought. It was the night after a horrible day of school, two of her best friends ditched her, the teachers basically told her they hated her, and she was suspended.
If her dad came home and knew about the suspension, he'd kill her. Literally. He came home at three, it was two thirty. Crap she thought. I have to get away, the forest is just down the hill. She lived in an old victorian styled home with her dad and with some dark creepy woods just down the hill." I have to get out of here." Alicia said aloud. She grabbed her hoody and ran down the stairs, outside and into the woods." I'm sorry." She said looking back at her house.
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