The challenge Revived #12

The challenge Revived #12

This episode will be something I never done before. It'll probably go bad.

published on August 18, 201834 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Elimation time

Pred: Team 9, welcome to your first elimination ceremony.
Barrb: So much fun....
Pred: Better be quite Barrb. I heard that sarcasm.
Barrb: Fine...
Pred: First safe is Barrb and Rouge. With zero.
Rouge: Don't we get a prize.
Pred: Yes. You get a leaf.
Justin Jay: Are the prizes just getting worse.
Pred: Yes. But you also get a leaf with 1 vote.
Justin Jay: Yay... a leaf.
Pred: Boy is this team sarcastic. Well Its down to Punkleton and Leafy.
Punkleton: (whispers) please be me, please be me.
Pred: Punkleton.
Punkleton: YES!!!
Pred: Your eliminated.
Punkleton: God da.. (dies)
Leafy: Yay... its a miny meeee
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Comments (1)

I would've voted for Ice.
on September 08, 2018