5 years since the top of Qfeast - what I wish I had known

5 years since the top of Qfeast - what I wish I had known

Hey y’all I just logged back into my account which defined my life for a year a while back. It’s been a long time. Let me tell you what I learnt.

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Who am I

Back in February of 2014, when I was 10, I made an account on qfeast eight my twin sister and a friend just to make a stupid quiz about leopards. After that it became the biggest social media output fore me and my sister.

We ran this account together, named sisaloofafump after the keysmash my sister made for a Game Center account when we were seven. During the year we were constantly active for a lot changed on the site. Popular qfeasters disappeared, new ones popped up. Pages were a feature that got added, the site got a new look, news feed was integrated in my last few months. When many months in they added the ranking with chess pieces of how many things you made it drove us to make as much as possible.

We had already gotten pretty big, we covered many fandoms and interests and had the power of two people to take care of it (this was a secret we barely ever let people know). We became one of the biggest users on the site, thousands of followers, king pieces on almost all sections, and friends in our dms.

After a year most of my friends had moved on, new features and users emerged and it was time to put qfeast aside. We moved on to other platforms, this time with our own separate accounts. We built up communities on Google +, tumblr, Instagram etc. With each of these platforms they got bigger and bigger and the community that had been formed on here was something that was missing in the later ones.

Occasionally I would stop by after I left for the novelty of it. Today I logged back in for the first time in years to find a message on my page saying “only 90s kids will remember”. It makes me feel ancient. I only have one dm conversation left, all of the other accounts have left. My follower count was once in the 2000s has dropped significantly since then. And yet despite not having posted things in years I still had hundreds of notifications. People were commenting on old polls and following this long dead account.

I don’t recommend that people check out my account. It’s cringey and the content is not up to standards that I force myself to meet now. That’s not the point of this post. I’m not coming back to qfeast, I’ve left it a long time ago and, frankly, I don’t want to be surrounded by people years younger than me making all the same mistakes that I did. I just hope to pass on somethings that I wish I had known earlier.

— I’m going to post a second chapter soon with the meat of this subject, but until then if you have any questions or subject you want touched on, comment or dm me and I’ll try to get to them —
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Holy shit I remember you. I was The_Gir_Army/Nephrite if you remember me
Nephrite! Yup that rings a bell man
on August 05
on August 05