A world with imaginations.

A world with very satisfying imaginations. Candy learning a lot more 'bout imaginations and how they work... Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.


First... The main character in the story is called,Candy. And she has ALL of a lot of other friends but you'll see there names later... Okay,candy was inside playing video games and found some wings in the game and was so greatful. Candy wished they we're real. But something amazing happened... The wings we're right behind her couch
she was sitting on! Candy was feeling like she can make miracles. "WHOOOAA." Said Candy. "I am one magical kid! GOTTA GO TELL MOM!" Candy is 10 by the way,and so Candy went to her mom,and her mom did not believe anything Candy was saying. "Ha... Ha.... Ha..." Said Candy's mom. "Very funny... Go back and play." Candy told her mom to look,so Candy led her mom to where the wings are. "Where are the "Wings"?" Said mom. "I don't see them! Are you lying?" Candy was confused. "THERE. RIGHT. THERE!" Yelled Candy in confusion. "WHAT THE,THERE NOT THERE!!!" Candy was so confused. So Candy went to her room for a while she looked outside the window and saw a Dragon. Candy was so confused again. She thought they we're just folk Tails or Disney or fiction stories. "W-what?" Said Candy. "How is this possible!? IS THIS POSSIBLE!? IS THIS REAL!?" She ran out of her room and ran to the front door and walked outside to the dragon. "Nice... Dragon?" Candy said. She touched the Dragon,but tried... it didn't work because it was just a imagination! "Okay... Another imagination for my imaginary list..." Said Candy. "But... Why is everything not real?
Did I just... Well... I did say they we're imaginations... There not real... Aaww.... That's not any fun..." She looked under her bed and saw a mummy. "Hi." Said Candy. "AAHH!!!"
Candy ran to her mom but she ended up with her mom coming to her. "WHAT'S WRONG?" Said mom. "What?" Nothing was done in the room and Candy told her mom that
there was a monster under her bed. "AHAHAHAHAHA!" Laughed Candy's mom. "You're to old for that! Theres no mummy under you're bed! Don't be silly,I'm going to make dinner." Candy looked at her mom in confusion again. "Why is this happening??" She groaned and banged her head on the table 4 times. "My doesn't seem to see them...
Do I have a disease?? I'm so curious and scared.
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