End of the Line! Drake is a normal man, yet not alot of things in his world are normal. He becomes a man who is determined to do anything for his life, and in return, can alter his life forever.

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Chapter 1.


It didn’t have to end like this. But it did. It only happened for a silly reason. Well, I was being careless. The hole in my head scared me as much as it did when I got it.

If you, the reader, don’t know what I’m talking about, it should be pretty self-explanatory. I’ve been shot.

Yes, I’ve met with a terrible fate, but others do once in a while, don’t they? And yet this is even worse than being hit by a bike. Also, yes, that’s happened to me once before.

But I bet you’re all wondering how it happened. How the end of my life has come to me. And may I point out that in no way I am a secret agent, or top spy or anything like that. No. Well, if you’re really keen on knowing how a secret really works, and the dangers that lie beyond mine, keep holding this book up right and for maybe 16 hours. But if not, I suggest putting this book right down and reading a picture book about fairies and fantasy, for all I care.
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