a creepypasta story! This is about a 16 yr old girl named mia and all 7 of her "identities" WARNING: may have cussing ~enjoy~

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Chapter 1.
Hey I know you!

Hey I know you!

Key: ~"voices" inside head~  {mia thinking}

Just another day at school, god im so tired. ~we all are~ {yeah,yeah I know. now could you shut it, im trying to take a nap.}

"hey mia could you help out here"

~so much for that nap~ {didn't I say to shut up} ~you're no fun~ {that's you're job}

"MIA" bree shouted, snapping me out of my mental argument. "WHAT" I yell back. "a little help" she says gesturing towards sam and dean arguing. "What are they arguing about this time" I ask getting up and walking towards my little friend group "the smartest animal" bree says rolling her eyes "of course, those two argue about the dumbest things" I say back. "All right calm it down" I tell them. Both sam and dean look up at me, "what do you think it is" I ask dean "dogs" "but I know its cats" sam interrupts " you don't know anything" dean says back " both of you are wrong" I say. They both just stare at me....."don't look at me like im crazy!"

~welllll~ ,{shut it}

"how do you know" dean asks obviously not believing me, "simple...I'm smarter than you". "yeah right, then who's the smartest animal" sam asks. "monkeys, and if you still don't believe me then look it up" I say walking away. "damn it she's right" I hear sam whisper

{thanks}.......~no problem, you know im always right~ {whatever}

"thanks mia they were getting on my nerves" bree says walking up to me, "I still don't know how you do it". "it's a secret" I say smirking

~IT!~  {yep, it}  ~you ungrateful little bi-

"so, mia did you know theres gonna be some new kids in a few days "asks bree breaking the 'silence' "no where'd you hear th-SHIT!" "mia! are you okay" "yeah I'm good" I say getting up "don't know what the hell I tripped over though"

~the necklace! check the necklace~

I hold my necklace up and see that the moonstone jewel has a crack major crack in it, "SHIT" I say even louder "what happened "bree asks confused. I hold my necklace up in response. "oh....isn't that the necklace your dad gave you?" "uh, yeah kinda"

{how the hell do I fix it!!} ~......~ {HELLO!} ~ afterschool~ {ughh}  ~hey, your the one who broke it~  {well its your fault I even need it}  ~whatever~

"mia? are you sure your okay" I look up from the necklace and see that bree's waving her hand in front of my face "yeah, I'm just thinking" I say pushing her hand away, she looks at me uncertainly "I'm fine"  "okay ,okay just checking" I roll my eyes at her "whatever"


"BYEE" I wave behind me not even bothering to look back as I walk of the school grounds.

{now what}  ~keep going until you're at the area with all the shops~  {uh okay?}  ~ just trust us~  {it's not that simple, at least tell me who you're taking me to}   ~your uncles, or one of them~  {oh...ok}  ~turn~...................... {a creepy, dark alley}  ~perfect~  {your kidding right?}  ~nope~  {.... the things I do to keep you guys in control}

as I walk down the alley I see.....{is that blood ?!}   ~probably, just keep walking~  {you know I hate you guys right}  ~duh~

As I'm walking I think I hear something, " Who's There?" I call out   ~they're here~  {who?}

"told you we'd get someone" I hear.....then I feel something smash against my head and every thing goes black


{ow my head hurts, what the hell happened}   ~might wanna open your eyes~

I open my eyes and three boys standing over me........... then it clicks "Hey, I know you!" H-how do you k-know u-us" toby asks surprised "uh, duh your like all over the internet" I say kinda surprised myself " how do you not know that?" I ask getting up

~keep talking he should be here soon~  {I hate you}  ~we know~

"she's just bluffing" says masky "Am Not!" I say crossing my arms. "prove it then" he says "Fine, you're masky, that's hoodie, and he's ticci toby" I say pointing to each in turn. They just stare at me dumbfounded until masky turns to hoodie and says "now we really have to kill her" "uhh, right here you guys" "not for long" hoodie says as he points a gun at me

{where the hell is he!!} ~he should be here by now~   {well he's obviously not!}  ~just ask for him~  {are you stupid that's not gonna work!}  ~ just do it!~  {you do it!} ~ FINE!~

" hey quick question before you kill me,"  "what!"

{good job now he's pissed}  ~shut up~ {hmm why does that seem familiar}

"can I talk to slendy real quick"......."staring is rude y'know" " do you even know who your talking about?!"  "well duh"  "..no why the hell do you ev-"

{switch he's here}  ~you could say please~{Switch} ~okay, okay~

I turn around and look up at the blank white 'face' looking down on me "sup uncle"  "UNCLE!" I hear behind me  "what are you doing here mia?" slendy asks "oh nothing much"..."did you brake it again "he asked "I didn't brake it, it cracked" I say getting a little defensive. I swear if he had eyes he would be rolling them right now. "hand it over" he said holding his hand out, I take the necklace off and give it too him. "Stay here, and boys," he says looking at hoodie, masky, and toby "she lives" then he teleports away.

~see told you you'd be fine~  {shut up}

I turn around to look at the proxies who were about to kill me. "are you guys frozen or something" "h-how are y-you related to s-slendy?" toby asked me in disbelief  "I'll tell you later" I say sitting down on the cool grass. " I don't think there's gonna be a later" masky said "eh, never know" "I think we deserve to know, don't you guys" hoodie asked. Masky and toby shook their heads in agreement

~can I deal with this one plzzz~    {sure im tired anyway}

"you know, I don't think any of you deserve much anything really"

{damn that's harsh}  ~thank you~  {you're welcome, your probably just gonna piss him off again you know this right}   ~yep~

" why the hell not" masky asks obviously angry. "well you guys kill innocent people for a living, its kinda obvious." They just stared.

"Well, they were not expecting that job well done malika". We all turn around to see splendorman walking up to us. "may I talk to mia please" he asks "of course"....."whats up uncle splendor, what happened to uncle slendy?" "he had some business to attend to and I wanted to see how you were doing little karma "he told me "I'm not little any more "i say sticking my tongue out. "w-wait your n-name is k-karma" "not really its more of a nickname" I tell toby.

"so did he fix it i ask splendorman holding my hand out" as an answer he hands me the necklace. "and karma, you have three more days" Then he teleports himself and the proxies away.

~three days till what~.......{three days till we have to go}

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i love your story :)
really, thank you so much! :)
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