Living above the clouds.

Living above the clouds.

After her dad passes away from a car crash, Holly gets very anxious and depressed more. Even her girlfriend gets embarrassed of her when other people find out that they're together. Holly's dad was the only person who truly accepted her as a lesbian girl and when he died all that went away. Along with her happiness. But when she moves in with her aunt Mandy, all that starts to change.

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Chapter One.

Chapter One.

“If I was living above the clouds, would everything be okay again?

Would someone actually care again? Did anyone ever actually care?”

Bad thoughts rang throughout Holly's head ever since her dad passed away in a terrible car crash. Everyday was a struggle to get up and breathe. Yet she did.

“Good morning sunshine!” Her aunt Mandy said each morning. Mandy was a tall thin woman with a big fat heart. All she wanted for Holly was her to be happy and healthy. Only Holly thought she was mean because she was very shy at first.

“Don't wake me up so early!” Holly said in a loud but weak voice. You could hear she was in a lot of pain just by hearing her speak.

“But if I don't wake you up early then you'll be late for school!” Mandy protested.

“Who gives a fu-” Holly was about to say.

“Who gives a what?!” Mandy cut in.

“Who gives a flying fudge cake if I'm late for school?” Holly said sighing.

“I do! You've been late everyday for the past few weeks...” Mandy said.

“Get out of my room and I'll get dressed.” Holly said sitting up on her bed. She looked out of her window to see the warm sun shining in. For the first time in a month, she felt somewhat okay.

“You're wearing that to school?” Jessie asked Holly.

Jessie was one of those preppy popular girls. Of course she was going to make fun of whatever Holly was wearing.

“Be nice!” Mandy scolded.

“Sorry mom.” Jessie mumbled then went back on her phone.

Holly stared down at what she had on.  Blue jeans, a grey shirt, black shoes, and a black jacket.

“What's so bad about what I'm wearing? Look at the trash you have on.” Holly said to Jessie.

“Excuse me?” Jessie said, her eyes were flashing red with rage. And all that did was make Holly smirk in pleasure knowing that she annoyed her.

“Girls cut it out! We're going to be late!” Mandy said rushing out.

“Well, it's all Holly's fault!” Jessie said following her mom.

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” Holly said as she got in the back of the car.


“Shirley Temple?” Holly said.

“It's not Shirley Temple!!” Holly's girlfriend said in annoyance.

“Just making sure you were listening to me.” Holly chuckled nervously.

“Look.” Shirley said while looking at a football member.

“What about him?” Holly asked.

“He's hot!” Shirley replied.

The bad thing about having Shirley White as a girlfriend was that she was boy crazy and girl crazy. She was attracted to everyone she seen. Especially if they had a pretty/handsome face.

Holly just sighed.
“Shirley!! I'm your girlfriend!” She said.

“Oh yeah, sorry bae.” She grinned and put her hand on Holly's.

Shirley was a beautiful African American girl. Beautiful brown eyes and lovely dark skin. What was not to love?
Well, to Holly, her personality.

Just between the two of them, Shirley would tell so much about how she felt about people. And what she wanted to do to them. (That part made Holly vomit in her mouth.)

But when there was a group of people around them Shirley wouldn't even look at Holly.

Basically to sum all that up, Shirley was a low-key slut.

“Hey, I don't like how you keep flirting with all these guys. I don't go around flirting with other girls and I-”

“Oh RELAX! I ain't doin no harm!” She said.

“Do you have to talk like that? Just because you're African American doesn't mean you have to be all  "ghetto".” Holly said.

“Girl, shut up!”

Holly just tilted her head. “What?” She asked which made Shirley sigh.

“You're the one who's been all weird! Eva since yo daddy died, you've been all depressed. Which is very annoying Holly. I need me a person whose not afraid to do things!”

“I can't help how I feel. And I'm not afraid to do new things. Remember that time we went bungee jumping? A-and that time at the carnival?” Holly said.

“That's what I mean!! You're too damn innocent!” Shirley said loudly.

Holly blushed horribly. And she wanted to cry.

“So?” She said while looking down.

“Are you scared or something??? I know a guy who's having a party tonight and there's gonna be some fun there.” Shirley grinned.

“Well, I'm not going....” Holly choked out.

“You're such a prude Holly.” She said.

Holly was cringing inside.
“I'd rather be a "prude" than a slutty asshole.” She said and went to the bathroom.

Tears were already streaming down her face at this point. She went into the bathroom but a bunch of girls were there.
“Oh, hi Holly!” Jessie said with a huge smile on her face.

“Hey...” Holly said.

“Shouldn't you be at breakfast?” She asked, trying to be nice.

Holly shook her head.

“Okay girls, I want all of you to get the fuçk out!” Jessie said and just like that every girl left.

"Wow.." Holly said. Her cousin was a total bully..

“Now, tell me. What's wrong?!” Jessie asked.

“Why do you care? Are you just going to make fun of me?” Holly asked, her crying was getting more noticeable.

“Well, mom says that I really do NEED to be more nicer to you. And because I want to say that I'm truly sorry for the way that I've been treating you since your father passed away.” Jessie said while messing with her pink purse.

“Do you really mean that Jessie? Or are you just being a fake bitch?” Holly's voice was strained.

“People still treat me the way that I treat you and kills me. I have no one to tell because everyone thinks that I'm just a stupid cold hearted bitch when in reality, I'm just hurting so bad.” Jessie stared down.

Holly stared her. “Well, now you know how I feel. And I'm sorry that you feel that way.” Holly said.

“Really? You're going to just... forgive me like that? Or?” Jessie sniffed.

“Who said I would forgive you? I just need someone who actually listens to me when I need help and who actually cares.” Holly's tears were turning into rage.

“What's bothering you?” Jessie asked. She was getting tired of Holly saying nobody would listen when she was trying to be nice.

“Its just that....My girlfriend is being mean to me because I'm not a slut but it really shouldn't matter to you.’ Holly said.

Jessie sighed. “Who gives a damm if you're a virgin or not??? Life screws us all anyway so why does it really matter? Besides, I'm trying to be nice remember??” She just rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Holly looked at her blankly then chuckled. “Yeah, I know you are.” She then said seriously.

“And if your girlfriend only cares about sex then you should just dump her, shes a stupid slut.” Jessie said.

“I don't wanna hurt her feelings or anything.” Holly tighten the jacket around her.

“We should get to class then. We'll talk later okay?” Jessie said walking out.

“Thanks for all the help.” Holly mumbled then walked out of the bathroom to go to her classes.


“So, how was school girls?”Mandy asked.

“Whatever.” Jessie sighed.
“Fine.” Holly said quietly.

Mandy didn't know how to respond to them. Sometimes she'd rather have to deal with a three year old than two teenage girls.

“Oh, there's a party tonight. I'm going to go okay?” Jessie said suddenly.

“A party? What if I say you're not allowed to go?” Mandy replied.

“Well, why not? I'm sixteen mom. I've taken care of myself more than what you've ever taken care of me.” Jessie said angrily.

“We'll talk about this once we're home...” Mandy said. Her voice sounded odd to Holly.

What are they talking about? What does Jessie mean by what she said? Did Mandy ever neglect her?
Holly thought about it until they got home.

Holly got out of the car before anyone else did. She got her book bag and went inside.

The others did the same. Jessie sat at the table looking at her mom with anger.

“I just don't get why I can't go. I mean, if I were Holly you'd let me go.” Jessie said.

“Well, that's because Holly would most likely be going to a library instead of some party.” Mandy said while making coffee.

“Actually...I was thinking about going to a party tonight too. My girlfriend invited me to go.” Holly said with little confident.

“What?” Both Mandy and Jessie said in surprise.

“Well, you always say I should be more social and I have to agree with Jessie, Mandy. We're both sixteen years old and we're going to be actual adults in two years.” Holly was even surprised at herself for saying this much.

Jessie grinned.

“I don't care if you're sixteen or sixty, you BOTH ARE NOT going to any party tonight so you might as well go upstairs and do your homework.” Mandy said angrily.

Jessie's grin was completely gone. “Fine.” was all she said as she walked to her room. She slammed the door as loud as she could.

Which made Mandy flinch and then sigh.

“Its okay. I didn't really want to go to the party anyways.” Holly told her before going to her room and, quietly closing the door.

“I'm only thirty-three....why do I always feel like I'm forty-five?” Mandy asked out loud to herself.

“Don't worry, I'm going to sneak out Brittany.” Jessie said while on her phone.

“And, how are you going to do that?” Brittany asked.

“I'll figure it out but one things for sure, I'm going to be at that party.” Jessie responded with termination.

“Alright. Got any plans for what you're going to wear?” The girl asked.

“Ohh yeah.” Jessie grinned. “Well, I gotta go. Bye!” She hung up.

Jessie had been starving herself for the past few months just so she could fit in a tight red dress. She didn't care if the dress was revealing, she had to have it.

“The powerhouse cell of the human body is the mitochondria. Right?” Holly doubted herself. Science was a bad subject for her. Mainly because she never had paid any attention to it.

She looked up as she heard her door open.

“I'm doing the best I can Mandy.” She said.

“It's me.” Jessie said.

“Oh. Hello.” Holly said then started doing her homework again.

“So, watcha doing?” Jessie asked while looking around.

Holly's room was a light shade of green. Her bed was near the window and she a dresser that was on left side of the room. She had a small box on the dresser.

“I'm doing my homework. What are you doing?” Holly said answering problems.

“That doesn't matter. So, do you want to go to the party or not?” Jessie asked.

“Yeah but Mandy said we're-”

“Who gives a f#ck about what she said? I have a plan. Just pick out a cool outfit after dinner and we'll sneak out.” Jessie smiled and went back to her room.

“Well, if she insists...” Holly said and went to her dresser. 

“What's considered 'cool'? I don't care what people think about me..” Holly said as she pulled out a pair of yellow pants and and a black tank top.
She laid her clothes on the floor and finished her homework until dinner time. 

“So, what did you girls learn about in class?” Mandy asked, handing them their plates.

“Actually, I learned nothing at all.” Jessie said matter of factly.

“Yeah, same.” Holly said as she took a bite of her white rice.

Jessie just stared down at her food. “Uh, mom? Mashed potatoes and rice so do NOT go together. And I need more food to eat besides this!” She said rolling her eyes.

“Just eat it please.” Mandy said.

Holly was finished with her meal within ten minutes.

“Well, someone appreciates my food.” Mandy said and smiled.

“Oh, ” Holly said, smiling back. “Yeah, I was pretty hungry.” She said.

After they got done, Holly cleaned the plate then went upstairs.

“Hey Jessie, I'm going to bed early tonight since I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. Behave please.” Mandy said as she was taking some pills then went into her room.

“Perfect.” Jessie grinned and went to Holly's room. “Get dressed!”She whispered. 

Holly smiled and got dressed quickly. She put her hair up into a ponytail. Her hair was a shiny red color. “Should I wear makeup?”She wondered.

Meanwhile, Jessie was wearing a way too revealing dress that was short. She put on red heels to match. For makeup, she wore pink lip gloss and heavy black massacre. She brushed her hair and looked in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect looking.
After putting pink streaks into her blonde hair, she went back to Holly's room.

“Let's get going.” She said grinning.
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