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just a random thing here. Idk, it's not really important but I was bored

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I honestly should be working on my essay but i decided to type all this instead to look busy. I wonder what my teacher would think if he saw this and its like i've already typed up a whole page on here instead of doing my essay. I'd sorta get in trouble yes, but I feel like he'd be impressed that I managed to stay focused for this long just to type all of this.
I mean, I'm only trying to look busy because I don't want to write my essay paper. Nobody likes having to write a paper, especially when its LITERALLY DUE THE NEXT DAY AT THE START OF CLASS. Yeah...I'm never gonna finish it. I might just take the fail and move on with my life, just hoping to have at least a passing on exams and hoping I don't have summer school again. I already had to take summer school last year and I don't want to do that again, so I have to do my best on the exams.....that I know i'm just gonna fail because exams are assignments from hell itself. ((and that moment you take the time to make spelling corrections on here rather than do your school work))
I hate my life...Why am I just wasting my time on this? There's a pep rally so I won't have to sit here for much longer. This is actually quite a lot of typing for me to be honest. It's been like what, 5 minutes already since i started? wow time sure does fly by. Not really. I'm just so bored! I bet you're reading this right now like "Why did you even type all this up you T*wat?" ((Idk why T*wat is a bad word, it's more like just spelling twet wrong.)) Oh my gooooooood, How much longer can I survive this? This is killing me! I wanna just go home already.
I know, I know, you're probably telling me to just shut up already and to quit complaining because "Nobody cares" or "nobody wants to read your complaints" well f*ck u and your sass. I can complain if I f*ckin want to biach! uwu
You're now thinking that I'm a rude ass hoe aren't you? well...I can be rude at times and i apologize for that. But the real question is....WHY AM I STILL WASTING MY TIME WRITING THIS!? I'll be asked why i'm not writing my essay and doing this. Why?? I have no idea, but I'm gonna just go now so have a lovely day and don't follow in my footsteps, actually do your work or you'll fail at life and live in a box then die in the streets because you ate somebody.
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