The Endless War ( Kaden the Werewolf Side of the story )

This is my version of Darkiplier back story and before he found about his friends ( Yes even Anti ). So sit back and relax and read ... but don't let Kaden fool you in this story ( Grammar Fixed at the end )

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Chapter 1.

The Beginning

There I was, fighting. I’m still fighting him just to let you know, but I got up and kept marching. I held flames in my hands while it burned, but I had learned to deal with the pain. The Vampire is too powerful, but I know his weakness. It’s just nearly impossible to get too.
My many friends call me Kaden. I’m a werewolf, but I look nothing like you think I look like. Huge scars zigzag over my right eye, left arm, and legs . My wolf ears are RIPPED, but I still have very good hearing. My tail has some, for lack of a better word, fur, missing scraped off in some of my many fights.
My human jacket is my fur. I always wear a Fire print jacket. When I transform, my jacket equals fire looking fur ,gray shirt,blue jeans,and red tennis shoes. My hair is spiky and messy and you can see my wolf ears. See nothing like you think.
Who’s the Vampire I’m fighting you may be asking. The King of supernatural creatures. His real name is not to be said but his nickname is Sharp Fangs.
His tall,black and blood red slicked back hair, He never wears anything cheerful all black or blood red clothing. Not the stupid,cheerful,or romantic vampires you hear about in Twilight or see on Tv,movies,and or cartoons. Thouse guys are morons. I see why Sharp Fangs hates humans and thinks they're pathetic. But for me I’ve grown fond of them. There funny,unique,and all out good. Well some are good some evil . Some are neutral. As your reading Sharp Fangs might have changed his name,looks,EVERYTHING. To keep himself secret. Trust no one.When you know his secret he might make you feel sympathy for him. Make you think I’m evil. Well welcome to the real story beginning
“ CHARGE!” My commander yelled.
I did as ordered with my fellow warriors. We became rebels because we wanted to rule over all supernatural creatures. As we fought King Fangs and Queen Redeyes. Prince Sharp Fangs two brothers fell with their parents. He was left but no one … could get him. But I never gave up trying too. Some werewolves were defeated but Sharp Fangs stands.His the only one left but why? They're all supposed to be gone.
Now he is Darkiplier . His Dark,mysterious,mean,and evil. I don’t even see him much unless a fight,he finds me,or I find him, But I will win this fight with the Vampire king for I’m the Werewolf king.
“ You’ll never get me Kaden. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU TRY! “ Dark yelled at top his lungs making my ears nearly bleed.
“ NEVER THINK YOU WILL GET ME “ He shouted again
I stood bleeding … badly but I didn’t care. This is the will of the fight braveness and determination.
“No one speaks to the Werewolf King like THAT! ” I yelled charging at Darkiplier but he knew my plan straight away.
He grabbed my wrists and threw me into a tree that somehow had a stick that hit my back hard but didn’t impale me.
“ AGH! “ I screamed in pain and I fell from it.
“ I’m the king not you, you destroyed my life, YOU MADE ME CHANGE!” He yelled I had to cover my ears but I couldn’t I was paralyzed . I got to my knees and stood not using my arms because they were froze . Then I got striked. I felt a burning sensation like I never felt before it hurt to breath and to move . That’s when it hit me I got stabbed in my lungs. I felt the warm red liquid trickle down my body. But the sword didn’t stay in long. Fire crossed over the cut and healed. I started turning into flames and I looked at Dark and stepped closer to him.
I sent fireballs at him fast but he dodged them all. I went normal knowing I was Powerless and fell to my knees.
“Are you wondering why you're so weak against me?” Darkiplier spoke with a chuckle “Because I’m The vampire king.“ He said making me stand by grabbing my neck harshly. I look hopelessly at him wanting forgiveness but I know he wouldn’t forgive me for what we did to him, but I tried anyways
“ Please King Darkiplier “ I spoke
“ I Beg thee for forgiveness “ I finished trying to keep breathing.
He looked at me in disgust and threw me down then stabbed my ankle. I felt the sharpness of his sword go threw the bone. I screeched in pain and felt the warm blood come out onto my skin. He took the sword out and vanished. I tried to stand but I layed there powerless.

A/N : Yes I am aware this has changed, but I did that in hope making it more spicy
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Not bad just keep going
on August 21, 2017