The girl in the black robes

The girl in the black robes

Katie Brown A.K.A. Kowareta Karera e which Kowareta means broken and karera e means to them Shes the world's greatest killer, one day she had a fight with another killer, and after that day her world turns upside down. This is my second book about creepypasta hope you enjoy!

published on May 09, 201826 reads 3 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.
Meet Kowareta Karera e

Meet Kowareta Karera e

Hello my name is Katie, Katie brown. But you know me as Kowareta Karera e, which means broken To them. I became this way because people bully me because of my powers, so I return the favor. I'm the world's greatest killer, even though I don't kill they kill themselves but I get the credit. Sure I been at the crime when it happened, and I sign I was there in blood, but I didn't kill them.
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