The Princess of The Sky

The Princess of The Sky

Hello it me Sky again and here is my third story and this has nothing to do with Super Smash Bros Characters ok this is a story about a girl who was born with powers of the sky but she hunts for her real parents enjoy.P.s will be more.

published on December 28, 20165 reads 4 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.
The Power

The Power

I'm just a lonely girl who was born with powers I'm not fake or real I'm both.I was born then given away to now my parents.I keep asking myself why was I born  I don't know the answer nor do I  know  who are my real parents and where I was born.
I'm Sonwflake and this is my story ."I'm going to be so late "Snowflake said running out the door once she got there she went to class."Huh amost late again "Flash stated."Yeah"Snowflake said."Snowflake can you meet me after school"Flash asked "No why "Snowflake questioned "Nothing ok"Flash said "No talking while class is in"the teacher yelled."sorry "both said.After school was out Snowflake went to the back of the school then she saw Flash running towards her "Snowflake is that you "Flash graping her hand."Let Go " Snowflake said and hits Flash in the head with her powers "What have I done?"Snowflake quiver.
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