Town Of Mistakes

A Small town is in panic when the Mafia makes their move on the town Along with a Serial Killer, 2 Vampires, and a werewolf. The towns people don't know who to trust if they can trust anyone at all. and at the same time a girl with lost memories wanders into town. --Towns people--- (May Blackwood) as The Sheriff-- (Cyruss Blaze) as The Investigator-- (Drew Blackwood) as The Jailor-- (Jason) as The Vigilante-- (Melissa) as The Medium-- (Kevin Ace) as They Mayor-- (William Hart) as the Bodyguard-- (Jake) as The Doctor-- MAFIA-- (Anthony Duel) as The Godfather-- (Dallas) as The Mafioso-- (Matt) as The Consigliere-- Others-- (Adam and Melissa Heller) as The Vampires-- (Miller) as the Serial Killer-- (Mike Sly) as the Werewolf-- (Rose Frost) as The Amnesiac--

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Day 1

May and Cyruss went over all of the evidence. "I'm telling you I don't trust Anthony!" Cyruss said "Listen I know but we went over to his place and came up empty..." May replied looking down at the papers on the desk.

Cyruss crossed his arms as he glared at the red haired man's picture on the desk.

"Listen...if we want to find out who the big boss is we need to target his men"

"And how are we gonna do that? every night someone could wind up dead! and eventually they'll come after us..." Cyruss said giving her a worrisome look.

"Listen everyone with a major role in this is as anonymous as we could be...I think as long as no one suspects us of being the ones on this case we're safe" she said as she looked into his eyes and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

"I hope you're right sheriff" he replied with a hug.

At that moment the door burst open. "Oh am I interrupting something?" Jason asked.

"What is it now?!" Cyruss asked as he approached the man.

"There's a girl! she collapsed on the road!" he said with a panic in his voice "I've left her with Anthony and Adam!"

"What?!" Cyruss shouts as he ran out of the door.
"So was I-"
"Out!" May ordered as she pushed him out the door.

Jason and Cyruss arrive to where the girl in white had collapsed on the ground.
"Oh hello Cyruss!" Anthony said with a grin
"Anthony...What's wrong with her?" he replied "I don't know where's the Doctor?"
A Brown haired man came running with May behind him. "I've heard what happened!" The man said "Let me see..."
"What is wrong with her Jake?" Jason asked

-Jake Revealed as the Doctor----

Anthony had an evil grin on his face that Cyruss quickly noticed "As long as he doesn't know my role I'm safe..." he thought but at the same time felt like he alreafy knew who was after him.
"We need to get this girl to my clinic fast..." he said "Agreed..." Cyruss said as he carried the girl following Jake to the Clinic.
Anthony had arrived at his home with his two henchmen they approached a wall with everyone's picture on it and marked with the words "Possible" and "Confirmed" Roles.

-Jake is The Doctor
-Cyruss "Possible" Sheriff
-May "Possible" Investigator.

Tonight they were gonna make their move, but they weren't the only ones...
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