The book of never ending short stories

The book of never ending short stories

Just a bunch of short stories about life and other things. I will keep this updated as much as I can. ( comment what kind of stories you want to see)

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Chapter 1.

Love: a somewhat cringy story

* This is just a small story about love.

Someone Went up and asked me
“What is love?’
For those who wonder
Love comes in many forms
For example: you may love your
Or your cat perhaps
Or maybe it’s a new game
But is that real love
Well yes
It’s calling loving an object
Maybe you’re looking
For someone to love instead.
That also comes in differnet forms
Your parents have loved you
You whole entire life
Your siblings love you
As well as your friends
Well who are you supposed to Love?
You may be a girl who loves a boy
Or a boy who loves a girl
Nothing else is okay
Is that the way it should be?
No, it should’nt
Some people believe that you must
Only love people of the opposite sex.
Like I said. That’s not how it should be
You can be a girl who likes other girls
Or a boy who likes boys
Or even a person who likes boys and girls
That’s okay to love those you love
It’s still love right?
Love is equal, fair, and what feels right
Regardless of who or what you are
Becuase one day someone went up and asked me
“What is love?’
I then told them
“ Love is Love”
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