Her butler, brother love (delcia x edward)

Her butler, brother love (delcia x edward)

Okay I umm just wanted to make a story about edward and delcia so enjoy

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Chapter 1.

Her butler, introduction

Lizzy got bored one day and as she was searching through her books she found one on how to summon demons so she took it out of her bookcase and sat down on her bed. She started reading and found a page where's there were steps so she grabbed a knife and a white rose and read the steps. "Step 1. Cut your wrist with the knife and make sure there's blood spilling out" lizzy cut her wrist and blood was spilling out and she started to cry from the pain. "Step 2. Place your wrist over the white flower and let it drip" lizzy placed her wrist over the white rose and it turned red.
Lizzy jumped back in surprise and the white rose started floating and it went out her window, Lizzy sighed and wrapped her wrist in a bandage. As soon as lizzy was done she saw a butterfly in her room and she tilted her head, "are you a demon?" Lizzy asked the female butterfly "why yes I am if I wasn't I wouldn't be here" the butterfly told lizzy and she nodded "you have a point there but do you have to stay s butterfly?" "Nope" the butterfly said and took the form of a human. Lizzy looked at her and saw she didn't have clothes on so she shut her window and closed the curtains, the female smiled "thank you" "your welcome" lizzy said back smiling brightly.
The demon smirked "I could make a contract with you if you'd like" she whispered into Lizzy's ear and lizzy nodded slowly. The demon looked everywhere on lizzy to find a perfect spot to place the symbol and she finally did, she kissed lizzy on the lips and formed a symbol on them to show they were in a contract. Lizzy wiped her lips and looked in the mirror "you kissed me..." She said in shock, the female demon nodded and was now in butler clothes. "I will now serve you until the day I take your soul" the demon said and lizzy nodded. "Do you have a name?" Lizzy asked her.
The female was shocked at this question but she shook her head "you could give me a name though" she smiled and Lizzy thought for a moment, "delcia!" She said and the female demon nodded "then my name Is delcia" Lizzy cheered and was happy to have a demon Butler.
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