The Fast and The Slow ( Scout X Pj )

The Fast and The Slow ( Scout X Pj )

Hey This is Scout X Pj ( me ) I know many people not gonna read this but it worth a shot right

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Chapter 1.
Getting known

Getting known

Today I was going to help Miss Pauling she been having problems with her computer again I usually fixed it . I all ways meet the engineer and he helps me fix the computer . We both get the work done and today I stuck around meet the others like Spy,Sniper,Scout,Soldier,heavy,Medic,and Pyro . Spy was mature unlike Scout his sometimes childish . Heavy was kinda dumb while medic was smart and Pyro was the odd man out but he didn't mind . The list can go on but I don't want to waste time .
I soon had to leave so I got in my car a drove home I made dinner for my sister and dad . My mom was working too close and that at 10 pm . So me and my dad made dinner . We ate dinner and I went to bed because I had school tomorrow .

* the next day *

I woke up at 5 I got ready for school and walked there . I all ways walked to school and picked up trash along the way . I arrived at school it being 5:54 . I all ways let myself in they didn't mine . I help clean up the stuff that janitors missed and help get everything ready . It was never easy but I guess life isn't easy . Even for dudes at Team Fortress they have to fight other people .  I got done helping and it was 6:29 and then I took out my phone and played some games . Until it was 7 So I walked to my classroom ( My school irl is very weird you see in this story ) . I sat where I normally sit in the back . I never wanted to be noticed but I was because I helped the most noticed people . Team Fortress all so had a game about itself . Kinda cool if you asked me . Everyone called me The Scout but I was not nearly as fast as him . I was slow kinda I thought I was the Soldier . Being Loyal and stubborn at the same time .
The Soldier Able to do rocket jumps kill multiple people at once . and use a shovel to wack people if too close . I never understand people called me Scout his good at baseball unlike me I suck at it . I'm good at Basketball cause my height . I'm the tallest in my class . I should be short but being tall give me better luck reaching high places and things that are hard for people that are short to reach . Scout is kinda short but tall at the same time I think is taller then me . I can never tell because I never payed attention to him . My teacher started asking what we did this weekend she all ways chooses me to go first I usually said stayed home . Soon someone figured out I helped Team Fortress people . So everyone was so happy when they saw me helping really famous people . Today lunch it wasn't the same everyone was whispering and talking about something I sit down a table by myself .
Two popular girls walked over to me and sit down . " hello ? " One girls said " Pj my names Pj " " Hello Pj I'm Shella " The girl that said hello Said " and I'm Caitlin " ( In the pic Caitlin is in the pink shirt Shella is in the blue and I'm in the dark red ) " Nice meeting you Shella and Caitlin " I said nicely and we talked about how dumb boys are and we shared jokes they had the best of jokes .

* time skip too the end school day *

Me and The girls waved by too each other as we left . I walked home and when I reached home I did my work then went to my room . I watched YouTube for a while my sis came in and asked what I'm doing I said watching YouTube . She wanted to play Minecraft so I played with her . We built a big home we played until dad got home . It was 4:59 I went upstairs and help make dinner . After we ate dinner we watched some movies until it was 9 me and my sis went to bed .
A/N : This is the longest chapter I written and I think pretty good so far do you
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