Qfeastmon ( My Version )

Qfeastmon ( My Version )

This is a version of Qfeastermon by @Star_Butterfly_And_Smokey_Quartz . I hope you enjoy

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Chapter 1.
The character and her rival and Gym leaders

The character and her rival and Gym leaders

The main Character : She called Jose . Rose is her nickname . She loves all pokemon . Her room has blue walls and green carpet . her bed is a twin size bed . With bedding of the three starter pokemon . Her shelf are covered of paint . She has panitings of her starter pokemon because before she chose him . It was her favorite pokemon .  She has a collection of pokemon plushes and loves them all . She has black hair in a pony-tail . She wears Blue shirt,Red tights,and purple sneakers . Her rival is Angel

Angel The Rival : Her name is angle . Her room has Red walls and black carpet . Her bed is a full size with The fire stater Charlex The fire pokemon starter in the qfeast region . She has pictures of Woernerd . Her pokemon she chose . She had brown with a purple part of it hair . She wears a White shirt,Black pants,and Blue Boots . She is boring .

The Rock Gym leader is Brian
The Water Gym Leader is Mississippi
The Electric Gym Leader is Sparks
The Grass Gym Leader is Mist
The Poison Gym Leader is Ivy
The Physic Gym Leader is Patent
The Fire Gym Leader is Zack
The Electric,Poison,Physic,Ghost,and Ice Gym leader is Tyler
( Ask to be a elite four member )
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