The Dead One

The Dead One

This is about a Oc named Marly Sweets and plz and I hope you enjoy the Story

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Chapter 1.

Marly the Ghost

Hello I'm Marly Sweets a Ghost . People can see me . Some disbelieve I'm real but they get proven wrong every time and I'm only 10 so I don't know much . I died by being in a coma for 10 weeks on July 4th my birthday . I only see alive and some dead things . I know weird I have a friend named Miku Chan She a neko that's half cat half human . Cool huh so I don't know what to say right now so let's get on with the story .
I was walking around greeting everyone . Like I usually do everyone thinks I'm alive still some know I'm dead and a ghost . I smiled has Hive-fived some people . I have the power to touch people . Most ghost don't have this power . I don't know why though . I see Miku Chan and ran right over to her " Hi Miku " I said Miku cat ears twitched and look at me " Hi Ghoste " Miku said she nicknamed me that ages ago .
" so how are you Miku " I said joyfully " Good " She replied

Miku Chan Pov :
I know she a ghost but she my friend Hi I'm Miku Chan The neko I been looking for my real parents ever since I can remember and I'm 14 . 4 years older then Marly . Me and Her are best Friends We know each other since I was in 5th Grade and I can't forget her death but she dead alive aka a Ghost . UNBELIEVABLE .
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