Creepypasta love?

Creepypasta love?

Dis is about when Jeff like you or somethin just read it. :> la la la l

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You were laying on your bed looking/staring at the window. You get up for a glass of water later. You get up slowly from your bed. And you walk quickly past the window but someone was watching you, you just never realized.
Later you found a flashlight and your bedroom door closes behind you mysteriously. You shiver with fear and you get a knife, trying to protect yourself. You turn on your flashlight and you look around. Your not scared of the dark, that's the good thing, but the bad thing is that you might have a murderer in your house! You look around again trying to find that murderer. You look behind you, but nothing.
You go back in your room and turn on the lights. You saw Jeff The Killer on your bed sitting. He was playing with his knife and he looked at you. You froze in fear. You asked, "Who are y-you?" Jeff stared. "You don't remember me?" Jeff said looking back down. He looked nervous for some reason. You thought this was going to be the end of your life when he walked up to you.
But he only walked up to you when you realize he walked up to you and kissed you on the cheek. You blushed and watched him as he climbed out of your room from the window. He waved and jumped off the window. You walked towards your window and you look out from the window while you at him walk away. You walked back to your bed to get some sleep. You had a strange nightmare about him trying to kill you. You ran away from him and he got closer and closer until he stabbed and you woke up. Someone knocked on your door so you went out of your room to answer it. It was jeff, holding roses? You blushed and took the roses. He blushed too. He held your hand and you blushed some more. He took you somewhere in the woods. There was a little picnic set up for you. You sat down and ate some fruit.
Jeff got closer to you and he touched your hand. You blushed some more. He did too. He got even closer and he tapped you so that you would look at him and then he kissed you. He looked away fast blushing. You tapped him and he looked at you and you kissed him. You smiled while he looked away again blushing more. You got closer to him and leaned your head on his shoulder. After that you and Jeff went back to your house. You and Jeff became a couple. You also started killing with Jeff. The end.
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10/10 amazing
on March 21