If Monica had any kind of relationship before... the events... it was surely over now. Here she tells her chilling story to all those who didn't know it before... (Art is not mine)

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The Untold Story

After several years, I finally have the courage and permission to tell this story. The police wanted it to stay quiet… but I finally got the okay to tell it.
This case used to be confidential, but after several years of nothing, there has slowly been less and less activity surrounding it.
This incident started, as I said, several years ago.
Before I start on the actual story, a little backstory is needed.
I am Monica. I am now 22 years old, but this happened when I was 19, turning 20. I was in the da Vinci College of Art and Design.
I’m not entirely sure what day this started… but it started in the autumn I think.
I remember walking to my class with my girlfriend Jess, she was my age with brown eyes short brown hair and usually wore sleeveless turtle necks with jeans and boots. She was telling me about how her little boy, she got pregnant at 16 and had a boy, had found a weird book underneath some old boxes in the basement while playing hide and seek.
“It was plain, like no title, no nothin’…” she told me. “I told him to put it back and he did.”
She couldn’t tell me anymore until after class.
The next few days, she seemed alright…. But then one day she was hanging out with me and she was pale…
“What is it?” I remember asking her.
She shook her head and said her little boy just had a nightmare and that it was all fine.
That would’ve been it… but she kept on telling me about the fact that Johnny, her little boy, kept having nightmares, they were every night now and he’d never tell her.
I remember one time, we were hanging out at her house when we heard Johnny scream in the next room.
Jess jumped up and ran in. I ran in after her.
Johnny was curled up in a ball in the corner of his room. Jess was trying to comfort him but he was shaking, screaming and crying.
All he would say was “The scary lady is here.” And that really freaked us both out.
Jess locked up Johnny’s room and told him not to go in there for a while. I then told I should leave and she agreed.
Soon after, she started to become more and more tired…. On top of the school work and sleepless nights with Johnny screaming, she had to deal with Johnny’s ‘episodes’ as she started to call them.
I could tell she wasn’t in her right mind because she started to talk about herself in the third person and carry a chain in her backpack at all times. “For emergencies.” She’d always say.
After that, she stopped calling herself Jess… she forgot a lot of things, she forgot her own name… and since she carried a chain everywhere, that’s what she called herself.
One day she just… stopped showing up.
I remember that first week I went to her house to find it was a mess.
She was curled up in a ball in the kitchen with a bloody nose and the left side of her head was wrapped in bandages.
I remember running to her but she looked at me and said “Touch me and you die…” she rose to her feet and looked at me.
“Johnny is gone…. THAT LADY TOOK HIM!” she started to scream at me but I was petrified…. I had no idea what she was talking about! How could I?
She bolted out of her house and I didn’t see her again.
The next few months were terrifying because there were murder cases popping up all over town… all of them were of woman, any age above 18, who has the sentence “Are you The Woman” carved into their backs.
I bit my tongue for a while, hopping Jess would turn herself in, but when it didn’t happen… I told them exactly what I’m telling you now.
The police asked me to keep it quiet until they sorted this out…. But they still haven’t, they never have. My guess is that Jess left town.
So in the beginning when I said I got permission…. I didn’t. I just took it upon myself to tell this story because this case is quieter than ever…..
I really hope Jess comes back and that Chain leaves her alone.
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