A Snow Day (A violet story)

A Snow Day (A violet story)

A little story about a snow day in mobius (It's a love story) so plz enjoy this also includes Stella,Maya, and the boys

published on July 31, 20167 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
it's cold outside

it's cold outside

"Violet wake up it's snowing!" Stella said cheerfully "Yeah Violet guess who's outside?" Maya teased "Who?" I asked sleepily "The guys!" Stella and Maya said in unison. "Oh my gosh the guys are here!" I screamed as I got out of my bed and looked out my top bedroom window."Looks like someone has bed head." Sonic said. "Well if you called about 5 minuets before I would be ready." I replied." Okay just hurry up Maya come down and let us in!" Sonic yelled up. "Jeez I'm coming!" Maya said. "Silver up here!" Stella said.Silver flew up here and kissed Stella on the cheek. "eww save that for later and like not in my room!" I teased "Sorry Vi."Silver said as they walked out.
After getting my jacket on and brushing my hair (My outfit is the picture of me and my old house) I went down stairs and ate a pop tart and Shadow walked in the kitchen "When did you get here?" I asked "Well me,sonic,and silver were playing and they left me so." He said. I giggled then I walked outside to my snow covered back yard." They were right it's cold out here!" I said quietly. I walked out and everyone was in the front yard having a snow ball fight! "alright!" I said about to beat them all. As I walked out of my house I got hit right is the face with snow! "Hey I haven't even touched the snow with my boots!" I laughed. "whoa sorry Vi I thought you were Shadow!" Sonic said in defense. "SNOWBALL FIGHT!" everyone except me and sonic yelled.Sonic looked at me and mouthed the words run."See ya!"I yelled as I ran off trying to avoid the snowballs! "hey no fair!" sonic yelled back and threw snowballs at me too!
After the snowball fight we went inside the house and got hot chocolate and watched nightmare before Christmas (I love that movie) and talked a lot. "What are we doing now!" sonic asked "Well we could go ice skating at the lake!" Maya said "Or I can hang up the decorations and you help!" Stella continued. "I like skating so let's go skate." I said "Okay everyone let's go!" I said Happily "Sorry can't me and Silver are putting up some decor!" Stella said "Ok see ya in a few!" I said as I waved goodbye
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