Twins, born on the same date under the shine of an full moon, both with magic except the girl, she is ultraviolet. Sheila and Eric knight are the second born children of the high wizard Arthur knight and an mortal Samantha knight, both born with the gifts of magic all except Sheila who is gifted with not only Magic but the ability to manipulate ultraviolet radiation, an rare and uncommon power for any witch or wizard to ever possess

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Chapter 1.

Moonlight magic

"They Are not your average twins your brother and sister Letticia, I mean seriously how do you cope with them?" Letticia Knight's closest friend Hannah says before stopping outside the door of the knight's residence. Sheila and Eric knight were twins, both born under an full moon, both gifted with magic except for Sheila as she was also born with the ability to manipulate Ultraviolet, an rare and uncommon known power in witches and wizards.
"I know they are Hannah but seriously, you get to know them they really are not that bad" Letticia says before unlocking the door and letting herself in, already being greeting by the sounds of her younger brother and sister stood oven an cauldron arguing about Ingredients.
"No Eric! If your going to do this spell correctly it says to add the slime from an snail and an tooth from an alligator!" Sheila knight says before picking up the jar of snail slime and spooning some onto the spoon in her hands and adding it into the mixture.
"Well dearest sister, there is no alligator's tooth in this recipe! It's an crocodile's tongue" Eric knight argues back before taking the jar and adding in an crocs tongue. They both didn't look like each other, Sheila's hair was an brilliant purple from her ultraviolet powers which dyed her hair the shade it was now before she had turned one years old whilst Eric had plain brown hair but both siblings argue like any other.
"Are you two finished?" Letticia asks whilst placing her school Bag down and looking at them, she was in her last year at Witchery prep, the top school in witch country.
"Besides, you both read the ingredients wrong, stupid moon magic school father sent you too" She says before walked over and poured the brownish coloured liquid out of the cauldron outside and placed it back under the fire. Sheila rolled her eyes before her eyes casted over to some light in the corner of the room and quickly walking over to it, placing her hand under it and turning the light an fluorescent purple colour before starting to bend the light around the room, making glow the fluorescent colour.
"Sheila? Could you stop that please?" Eric asks before looking at his twin directly in her eyes
"Fine I will stop..." She simply replies before moving her hand out of the light, watching as the room transformed back to it's original dull colours just as their farther's transport arrived
"Mother and father are back so soon? I wonder what cut their trip short" Eric says before stepping outside to greet his parents who were stepping out of their carriage.
"Mother, father, how was your trip?" Letticia asks before pulling them both into an hug and smiling at them.
"It was fine my dear, the high end Elf council has agreed to our new terms which I need to discuss with our queen" Arthur knight says before heading side the house, greeting Sheila as he does so.
"Oh and speaking of the Queen Arthur, perhaps you would like to tell Sheila and Eric about their new school?" Samantha says before sitting down on the couch and smiling at them both
"Oh yes, you two are soon to be joining Witchery prep, the queen insisted that I moved you out of moonmagic school at once"  Arthur says before earning an bone crunching hug from Sheila.
"Oh father! That is wonderful news!"
"Yes it is my dear but you must remember, you are gifted which is rare for an witch so you must keep your powers in check" he warned her before watching as both twins head up to their room, getting ready to start their new journey together.
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