Cherry Creek Animal Shelter

Cherry Creek Animal Shelter

There's an animal shelter by Cherry Creek! As Jane tries to get the dogs and cats adopted, she has many adventures.

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Chapter 1.
It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

Jane stared out the window, watching raindrops splash into Cherry Creek. "I wish it would stop raining." she sighed. "The dogs are dying to go on a walk."
Just then, she discovered a little black kitten, taking shelter under a tree. It was scrawny and wet, and its pupils were wide with fear.
Jane knew what she had to do. She slipped on a jacket, grabbed an umbrella, and slipped out the door. "Oh, you poor thing," she whispered to the kitten as she scooped it up in her arms. "Oh, you poor, poor thing."
Jane ran inside and examined the kitten. She was extremely cold, and she was quivering in Jane's arms.
As soon as Jane completed examining the kitten, she fed her a treat, wrapped her up in a blanket, and placed the bundled kitten near the heater.
"I think I'll name her Silky," Jane announced as she prepared a space for the little black kitten.
When Jane placed Silky in a bed with a gray and white kitten named Misty, Silky's yellow eyes glowed with warmth. Jane knew the two girls would get along just fine.

The next morning as Jane fed the kittens, she checked on Misty and Silky. Misty's blue eyes were bright as ever.
Silky let out a high-pitched mew.
"You two are so cute!" Jane giggled as the kittens broke into a play-fight.

Meanwhile, in the dog room, puppies were romping around and causing chaos.
"Do you guys want to go for a walk?" Jane asked. She knew they did.
The puppies responded by jumping up at Jane and licking her face.
Jane attached leashes to collars and raced outside.
A cream and white puppy named Vanilla raced ahead and chased a squirrel. If she wasn't on a leash, she would have caught it.
"Stop that!" Jane scolded Vanilla. "The squirrels are just fine."
Vanilla whimpered and dragged behind the rest of the group.
Vanilla's brother and sister, the brown dog Chocolate and the red dog Strawberry, splashed in puddles. Jane giggled. They were just so cute!
When Jane strolled back into the animal shelter, she realized with horror that she had left both the kitten door and the puppy door open.
"Oh no!" Jane screamed. "What if the animals get into a fight?"
She ran inside to check on all the dogs and cats.
She found a little pug named Cookie snuggling with Misty and Silky.
An old dog was getting into a fight with a mother cat.
Jane clapped her hands. "That's enough!" she yelled. "Go on, shoo! Go back to your own rooms."
The cat backed away with a hiss. The dog just trudged away.
Jane placed a tired Vanilla into the bed with Cookie and Misty. "Isn't that cute?" she beamed as Cookie just snuggled in with them.
Just then she realized that Silky was gone.
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