The challenge AtG #4

The challenge AtG #4

Across the Galaxy with 24 people. Derp, Tori, John, Oxx, Venus, Jackie, Jynx, Maria, Fi Fi, Cloud watcher, Neko Niii, Alex, Deedge, Laurens, Zach Chase, Caramel, Justin Jay, Pj Doll, Starlight, Noel Higgler, Ice, Hydro, Rain, And Rough. They'll all fight for the big prize.

published on May 25, 201832 reads 8 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.

Last time

We had a rover race across mars.
When I say your name, your safe.
Jackie and Rain.

Neko Niii and Zach chase.

The final safe person is.......... Justin Jay.
Deedge,  grab your stuff, to the escape pod is you.

Now we have a 8v8v5
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Comments (3)

Justin jay. I thought Venus was going to melt the ice...
Getting far in, so I'm telling you what the pickle jar does.
If any of your people get voted out, they become saved and it's whoever you voted that gets out. I say thats pretty good
on May 25, 2018
on May 25, 2018
I honestly don’t know who to vote for, so I guess Justin Jay. :0
on May 25, 2018