Best Friends Forever: Maddie and Elsa!

Best Friends Forever: Maddie and Elsa!

Okay so I just thought of modern Elsa. And a oc named Maddie that has fire powers. Then I was like,Elsa and Maddie be best friends! So then this story came up. It's humorous so have fun! And laugh a lot!

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Chapter 1.
(1) Math! ( Maddies Addiction to Hetalia and now Elsa's)

(1) Math! ( Maddies Addiction to Hetalia and now Elsa's)

Maddie came to her and her bestfriend Elsa's apartment. She was laughing her butt off. Maddie dropped her school bag on the floor. Elsa looked up from her book. ( Elsa is a Hunger games fan) " You seem cheerful today." Else said setting her book down on the couch she was sitting on. " A huh sure,please shut up." Maddie said making a shoo hand motion. Elsa was stunned. Maddie would never say "shutup" to anyone. Not even the oh so annoying Hans. She would just give Hans a swift kick in the balls.

" W-what did you say?" Elsa asked with her mouth wide open. " Close your mouth honey you'll catch flies." Maddie said again. Elsa was still stunned at Maddie's behavior. " Uh,Maddie what are you watching?" Elsa asked walking to Maddie. "The oh so beautiful Hetalia" Maddie smiled finally looking up from her iPads screen. " What?" Elsa asked again peering over Maddie's shoulder staring at the screen.

" Hetalia,it's an anime." Maddie was now getting annoyed at Elsa continuously asking questions. " Ohhh..... Yeah can I see?" Elsa asked. Maddie simply nodded and passed Elsa the iPad. " Thanks." Elsa grabbed the iPad and put in the ear buds. Then the doorbell rang and Maddie went to go get. Leaving Elsa alone with technology,and anime.
                                                     * few days later*
" Elsa cmon! Give me my iPad back! Out are still in your pj's!" Maddie yelled at Elsa. After the encounter of Hetalia with Elsa,Elsa stole Maddies iPad. " Hold on Maddie! Let me watch this last episode." Elsa said. Maddie huffed,she was in her pjs too,but Elsa usually is wearing actual decent clothes. Maddie snatched the iPad from Elsa and shut it down. " Elsa get yourself together and go take a shower! You smell like Kristoff!" Maddie said and pushed Elsa in the bathroom. " And wash well!" Maddie said and closed the door.

                                                     * After the shower, Maddie went out with Kristoff and Rapunzel for shopping*
Elsa made her way to Maddies room. She looked around. And then she spotted it. Maddie's iPad. Elsa couldn't stop thinking about Hetalia and had to watch it. So she tip toes into Maddies room and reached for the IPad. She was trying not to wake up Maddie's wild Pug,Germany. " Ahem." Elsa turned around to see Maddie standing in front of the door.

" Oh,uh Hey Maddie. Why are you back so early?" Elsa asked avoiding eye contact. " I came to grab my iPad.... But I see someone has already tried to get it." Maddie walked into the room and grabbed the IPad. Elsa stared at the IPad as it was lifted from its charging station. Maddies Hetalia Lock screen showing up. And it seemed like Sweden was staring at Elsa.

Elsa sighed and trudged out the room and grabbed her coat from the rack. " Where are you going?" Maddie asked. " For a walk,I'm going to go think about Sweden...." Elsa said and walked out the house. The Snow instantly covered Elsa making her blend in to the cold weather. Maddie stared at Elsa walk away,clearly confused. " Why is she so obsessed?!" Maddie through her hands up in the air and walked out the house stuffing her IPad into her bag.
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