The challenge Revived Total lines

The challenge Revived Total lines

Yes, I wasted my time doing this. I was just interested in doing this. Also, the results were lower than I thought. No ones probably going to care about this, but whatever

published on November 08, 201843 reads 10 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

51st- 40th

51st- Hewkii (0 lines)

50th- Princess Rainbow Glitter Cupcake (2 lines)

49th- Jeramiah ( 3 lines)

48th- Noel Higgler (3 lines)

47th- Jackie (5 lines)

46th- Pompom (7 lines)

45th- Stella (8 lines)

44th- Alyssa ( 9 lines)

43rd- kali (9 lines)

42nd- Leafy (9 lines)

41st- Cloud watcher (10 lines)

40th- penny (10 lines)
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Comments (1)

How long did it take me to do this....
Even I don't know
on November 08, 2018