Sword Fights And Hoodies (Part 1)

A war breaks out between two cities, 3 princesses and 2 warriors fight until the end to find peace for their broken homes and ruined innocence. ~Names based off of real friends~ ~Mature starting in part 2~ ~Enjoy~ Want Quicker Updates? Check Out My Watt-Pad! (Qfeast said the whole world was forbidden so yea.) brookiegirl02

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Fights In Town

She ran through the door, hitting her face as she darted in. Her dress all messed up, i knew there was a problem.  Zarina Atuygul never let anything happen to her precious cloths, i worried.
"Brooklyn! There is conflict in the town with Kirito and Cailant! We need your help!"  She exclaimed, exhausted. She seemed to run here at full speed.
"On it, now go! I will be there with everything i can!" I said to her.
She ran out of the building, tripping on the stray lace of her dress every now and then. Kirito and Cailant never got along in public, usually conflict was created over small things. I didn't want to find out what this was.
I placed on my slippers and ran out of the door, my hair flying everywhere as it fell out of my hood. I was a princess but i didn't act like it.
Town square was packed with people trying to break up the commotion, i ran over to see Kirito and Cailant holding each other in a head lock, each fighting back
"What in the name of Wizard Gluttiyen is happening here boys!" I exclaimed over the crowd.
The seemed to stop and act like nothing happened
"This son of a birch tree decided he could call me out on my broken sword! I was here to get it fixed anyway!" Kirito yelled at me.
"Yes i sure did, he started this argument about me and Princess Zelda and i wasn't going to let him finish!" Cailant exclaimed.
"You guys need to stop being so chilidish and foolish! There already is a war occuring now, you're not helping anything!" I exclaimed.
The crowd got quiet as i said that, as if i had a power. I smirked to myself.
"Now. Listen to me and listen good, im not saying it twice. You two, clean up this market and settle this like men, a real fight. Tonight at sunset, if you want to fight, im gonna make you actually fight."
Zarina seemed to agree with me as she nodded her head.
"Now, everyone in this circle! I want you to go home and never speak of this again!"
"Immature little boys attempting to be warriors.." I thought to myself.
"Excuse me..." I heard a small voice say.  "Princesses Zelda, Zarina, and Brooklyn?"
We three looked down and saw a little girl, maybe the age of 5, holding a crumpled peice of paper and a feather.
"C-can you sign this for me...? You three are my idols, my mama would be so proud of me if i met you all." She said, quietly.
"Sure we can angel" Princess Zelda said, picking p the paper ever so gracefully and signing her name, we passed the paper around and signed it for her. Her eyes lit up when we gave it back.
She giggled and ran off to show her friends, then i realized, her mother was a warrior.

-7PM, Sunset-
"Where are they?" I asked.
"Not sure, probably chickened out." Zelda responded.
"Oh here they come"
The boys walked towards us, pushing each other ater every step.
"Well, You came." I said
"Of course, we weren't going to chicken out, this kid right here almost did" Kirito said as he pushed Cailant.
"Don't fight yet, swords ready?" Zarina asked.
"Yes." they both responded in unison.
"FIGHT!" I said, a straight face as i watched them lift their swords, which weighed more than them.
"Uh.. i dont think they know how to." Zelda said
Zarina agreed.
"Well, do you guys know how to fight with your swords?" I asked, not expecting a straight answer.
"Maybe.." Cailant responded.
"I knew it. Go home." I said
"You seriously brought them out here to tell them to go home?" Zarina asked
"Mhm, they want to start something, they have to finish, so of course i did"
"You're crazy" Zelda said
I flipped my hood over my head.
"Thank you."
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