The challenge Revived #35

The challenge Revived #35

Time for my favorite oary. Instant losing. Yay... we're that far into the season.

published on September 15, 201835 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Elimation time

Pred: I am ready for this Elimation. I actually got some sleep.
Oxx: Well... good for you....
Pred: Thanks
Oxx: That was sarcasm.
Pred: That's not very nice. But anyways... Derp and Shawndy each got 0 votes. They're safe.
Derp: Yayz...
Pred: Oxx only got 1 vote.
Oxx: Still in, can't complain
Pred: But Tori and Wynq, both got 3 votes. Oxx, Shawndy, and Derp, go decide who'll go.
Oxx: I want Wynq out. He made me lose last challenge.
Shawndy: Well I'm picking Tori to get out. She has already won a season and deserves to leave.
Tori: You also won a season though
Shawndy: But no one voted me.
Derp: Ummz... they are bothz my friendz. I don'tz wanna peeeck.
Tori: Come on Derp,  my buddy.
Wynq: Derp.... please
Derp: Ummm.... I'll votez out... sooriez but Wynq.
Wynq: NOOOO... Derp
Tori: Yes, thank you.
Oxx: Still regret nothing
Wynq: Yup. I was done with this place anyways. Kill me
Pred: *Kills Wynq*
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Comments (1)

I likez punz tooz. CANDIEZZZ!!!!!!
on September 15, 2018