The potato uprising!

The potato uprising!

this is a story about the potato uprising in 1986 that most people don't know about because it was so short and pointless. but it's entertaining!

published on February 01, 201330 reads 17 readers 3 completed
Chapter 1.

Un-named chapter 1

There were thousands of them. each one was armed with the latest in potato technology- nothing. they were tired of being eaten by humans. they were tired of sitting on supermarket shelves waiting to be picked up. They were tired because they stayed up late planning to get away from the mouth, the stomach, and the toilet. One of them, General French Fry, took a tiny stick (which if they had it, that should be the latest in potato technology and not nothing, because a stick can actually be felt) and mapped out the strategy. It was simple, really, just put on some war paint, scare the liquid out of a bunch of humans, learn how to fly a plane, fly to the nearest place with working spaceships, learn how to fly those, and go to Mars. Luckily, one of them, Sauce, already knew how to fly them both. They had thought of every possible problem and took away the possibility of it happening. they were ready for action.
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Comments (3)

on January 23, 2014
Im the king of potatoes! I am Jeff the potato!
on June 30, 2013
AWESOME. and...unique. To say the least.
on March 31, 2013